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Orchestrate Your Entire Sales Process with AI

By: Salesloft Editorial


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In Qualified’s latest video series GTM AI, host Sarah McConnell sits down with leaders from the most cutting-edge SaaS companies to learn how their AI-fueled products can modernize your GTM motion. 

In a recent episode, Sarah talked with Kristin Swindle, Salesloft’s Manager of Enterprise Sales Engineering, about how Salesloft AI, including their new product Rhythm, can be the AI co-pilot sellers need to be more effective. 

Kristin and Sarah dive into the Salesloft platform to learn how it prioritizes sellers’ daily workflows, recommends follow-up timing and copy, provides AI-powered forecasting, flags potential issues with the buying committee, and orchestrates your deal cycles from start to finish so you never miss a target again. 

Watch the full episode here, or read the recap below.

Intro to AI

AI is making every seller better at their jobs with less of an effort. 

And revenue leaders everywhere are loving it. 95% of executives report their organization is currently using AI in sales in some capacity, and 84% say their company has used generative AI in sales in the past year. 

At Salesloft, AI is embedded into the entire platform – from the admin side, to the workflow side, to managing opportunities in Forecast, and to the data and analytics. 

Prioritize your workflow with conductor AI 

Sellers don’t have infinite hours in their day. They need to take the right action, fast, to get one step closer to their goals. 

Salesloft Rhythm fulfills the promise to guide sellers to success. Powered by Conductor AI, Rhythm takes in and synthesizes signals from multiple sources — like the Salesloft platform, your CRM, and third-party integrations such as DocuSignHighspotG2Vidyard, or Seismic — and ranks them to produce a prioritized list of actions. 

To prioritize actions, Conductor AI looks at signals from two lenses: immediacy and impact. It ranks them based on the likelihood a seller gets a booked meeting or an open opportunity, as well as deal importance. 

Diagram explaining how Conductor AI filters Partner Signals

Ingesting signals from multiple places means that sellers don’t have to keep task switching to make sure they’re seeing all the important data. With everything in one place, they can take action faster than ever. 

Add explainability to every action with AI insights

Rhythm helps sellers know what action to prioritize next, but they need to understand the “why” behind it to create repeatable processes and success. 

Each action item Rhythm prioritizes comes with an explanation on why the action is important and what the likely outcome will be. This doesn’t just simplify the average reps’ day-to-day: it helps them build their skills by providing the context they need to understand the significance of each action and what will come of it. 

Screenshot of Rhythm in action in the Salesloft platform

Close the loop on every conversation 

Remembering to follow up with a prospect sounds pretty straightforward, but when reps are juggling so many different calls, emails, and buyers, it’s pretty easy to forget. 

Sending a recap email with action items is a best practice in sales that has become an expectation. Follow-ups improve the customer experience by showing how much you actually care about their business. 

For all Conversations happening in Salesloft, AI extracts summaries and action items that help customer-facing teams sort through the details of the meeting. But those insights are only useful if reps take action on them.

But that’s not all. Rhythm turns those action items into follow-up tasks. The AI-powered engine automatically prompts an email window preloaded with a template and action items extracted from the meeting recording for reps to take quick action on. The option to create an automatically generated email with talking points directly from the meeting is presented as part of the sellers’ daily workflow so they can get those follow ups done easily. And with the option to click on the task to get more details about the deal itself – like deal stage and expected deal amount – reps can become more efficient and apply winning practices faster. 

Use AI to build content faster than ever

Crafting emails and follow-ups is hard. It’s time-consuming and takes away precious selling time.

It’s even more difficult when brainstorming where to start is the hardest part. What do you say? What shouldn’t you say? And what do you do when you have writer’s block, which makes the task seem impossible all together?

Salesloft’s Generative AI tool helps sellers turn blank pages to email templates with compelling value props and calls-to-action. It creates email content faster, resulting in significant time savings in a sellers’ day-to-day. It also makes sellers more confident about the value they bring to the conversation. AI brainstorms beyond the user’s own experiences and ideas to elevate the quality of content. 

And the best part? You always have a choice. Salesloft gives sellers the option to send the email as is, or make adjustments based on the needs of their business. 

Just adjust some inputs, like role type and company name, and voila! The AI model, paired with engineering from Salesloft’s Data Science team, does the rest. 

AI makes managing tasks effortless 

Building relationships is the key to successful selling. But it isn’t always easy to create and maintain those relationships over the duration of a deal. Fortunately, Salesloft is here to help. 

Out of Office (OOO) Detection 

Let’s be honest: your prospect who’s on a tropical vacation probably doesn’t really want to hear from you. 

Salesloft’s OOO detection automatically recognizes a buyer’s out-of-office inbox settings, marks buyers who are out, and reschedules tasks and Cadence steps. The AI algorithm uses natural language processing to identify the date the buyer will return – even if the out-of-office message says something like, “I will be back the Tuesday after next.” 

By rescheduling your email to a more convenient time, buyers can actually catch up on their inbox and focus on your message. Plus, just think about how many more buyers you can reach without the extra 20-30 minutes per day you’re manually handling OOO replies….

Email sentiment 

“Not interested” and “unsubscribe” responses are a part of the process. But what do they tell revenue teams about what’s actually working in (or not working) in their prospecting strategy? 

Salesloft’s Email Sentiment uses AI to rank every email response according to how positive it is. Classifying email replies into categories helps identify reply trends and patterns, so they can: 

  • Generate enough qualified pipeline
  • Convert leads into real opportunities
  • Double down on the content that's landing with buyers
  • Adjust email personalization accordingly
  • Identify the most common objections to create the best objection-handling techniques for the team

Job seniority 

What effect does a prospect’s job seniority have on your chances of success in securing that critical first meeting? 

Having insight into a prospect’s job seniority helps to think about messaging and align it with the most relevant audience. 

Salesloft’s Job Seniority Model uses a predictive model that takes job titles and predicts the level a prospect is on within a company’s hierarchy. Using these seniorities, sellers can create a more targeted and customized communication plan for each individual persona. 

Confidently call your number with AI Forecast

Some deals need more attention than others. That’s why Salesloft scores deals based on the likelihood that they close using the Deal Engagement Score, which is calculated using a machine-learning-based health score. Deals are scored based on recency, frequency, progression, and engagement of the buying committee that the rep is working on, taking away subjectivity and pressure testing if it’s going to close. 

This data then feeds into Forecast. 

Salesloft’s AI Forecast scores the probability of a deal being closed won during a current quarter based on how similar ones have behaved in the past. 

The machine learning model takes into account features such as deal size, deal stage, and the number of days the deal has been opened. And with a predication and recommendation as to where you might land for the quarter or year, you can feel more confident in triangulating a number your team feels confident in. 

Salesloft holds AI ethics to the highest standards 

AI has and will continue changing sales. But at Salesloft, we make sure it doesn’t change anything at the expense of your human sellers’ experience, autonomy, and livelihood. 

Learn more about AI ethics around our Rhythm offering here.

Selling is hard. But powerful AI stretching across Salesloft’s revenue workflow platform unburdens sales teams from labor-intensive decisions and adds predictability across the full sales cycle. 

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