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Introducing Email Sentiment: No More Guessing Which Emails Land With Buyers

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Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Dec. 12, 2021

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to automatically know which emails result in booked meetings with prospects? What if you could equip your reps with email templates that cut through the noise and resulted in positive responses? 

And what if it was all possible without having to manually collect all of that data? All of these quota-crushing results (and more!) are now possible with Salesloft’s Email Sentiment!

Here’s how Email Sentiment takes the guesswork out of effective emails to help sellers get more yeses and fill their pipelines with winning deals.

What is Salesloft’s Email Sentiment? 

“Not interested.” “Unsubscribe.” As sellers, we know that these responses are just part of the process. Therefore, basic open and response rates don’t tell us exactly what’s working in our prospecting strategies. 

It’s not enough to simply measure how many people responded, you need the data on how many people actually showed interest. Enter Email Sentiment, a new feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to rank every email response according to how positive it was.

Once those emails are ranked, they’re automatically organized into categories so you can know what’s working and what’s not, allowing sellers to double down on top-performing tactics. 

This is not your average yes/no language processor! Email Sentiment offers:
  • Our proprietary Sentiment trained technology that’s fluent in B2B sales lingo from using millions of B2B email replies to identify buying intent 
  • Ability to pinpoint specific objections so you can provide the coaching tailored to that specific situation and moment
  • Detailed explanations that help you understand why the specific sentiment category was assigned
  • Humans over robots always. If you disagree with the recommended Sentiment category, your corrections help the AI continually learn and improve
  • A digestible view of all response data so you can quickly identify which emails generate positive responses, the top-performing templates, and the reps seeing the most success

Video demonstration of what Email Sentiment looks like within a prospects' email response

With Salesloft’s Email Sentiment, your revenue team is empowered to:
  • Generate enough qualified pipeline and convert more leads into real opportunities so you can consistently hit your number
  • Double down on the content that’s landing with your buyers 
  • Know exactly how much email personalization you need to get the highest positive response rates
  • Identify the most common objections so you can share the best objection-handling techniques for your team

Pair These Apps To Super-Charge Your Revenue Engine

Feeling motivated? You’ll get even better results by pairing Email Sentiment with our other tools like Email Optimizer and Deal Engagement Scores.


Salesloft’s Email Optimizer increases your open and reply rates—without all the trial and error. Email Optimizer helps you craft emails that cut through the noise and drown out your competitors. 

Email Optimizer analyzes a sales rep’s email subject line and body text and suggests changes that will make their message more effective. Sellers can finally hit ‘send’ with confidence that their messages will resonate with prospects and customers. 



If you have to sift through dozens (or maybe hundreds) of open opportunities, it’s easy for crucial deals to fall through the cracks. Imagine having the deals that need the most attention automatically rounded up for your review. That’s the power of Salesloft’s Deal Engagement Scores.

Deal Engagement Scores make forecasting easier by generating scores that tell you their likelihood of closing. Then, based on these scores, you can focus on the deals that will help you make your quarter. 


Salesloft’s innovations help sales teams increase their productivity. Our tools help revenue teams cut down on manual tasks while automatically identifying what’s working so you can focus on interested buyers and close more deals. 

Learn more by attending Salesloft’s Virtual Summit to experience a new way to personalize your messages, reduce manual efforts and close more deals.