Pipeline creation and coverage

Transform prospects into profits with a healthy pipeline

Say goodbye to junk pipeline
and money left on the table.

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    254% more opportunities
    Increase personalization and multi-channel engagement with a robust prospecting strategy.
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    TEI Study

    60% increase in response-to-opportunity rate¹
    Boost conversion rates with automated workflows that increase rep activity and improve consistency.
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    50% faster, more thorough pipeline reviews
    Fine tune pipeline processes and make data-driven decisions with visibility into opportunities and risks.
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Scale personalized engagement

Keep buyers engaged — and build lasting connections — with personalized messaging easily created through AI-drafted emails, content integrations, and pre-designed Cadence frameworks.

Screenshot of Salesloft platform where our customers can revisit the videos and recordings of their calls

Convert more leads in less time

Prioritize the hottest leads with engagement data and always-on access to buyer Conversations. Understand sentiment, address objections, and act quickly with AI-generated action items and summaries.

Screenshot of Salesloft platform analytics where our customers can track their success and both identify and resolve any areas where they may be struggling

Unlock full pipeline visibility

Evaluate pipeline health and track week-to-week changes with a single view into all Deals. Forecast more accurately with insight into at-risk opportunities and AI predictions.

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Solve your biggest pain points in sales

Salesloft’s AI-powered revenue orchestration platform guides go-to-market teams towards the right actions to yield the best outcomes: delighting customers, maximizing revenue, and increasing lifetime value.


Generate more pipeline

Take the guesswork out of inbound and outbound prospecting.

Win more deals

Efficiently and effectively drive opportunities to close.

Increase customer value

Build trust with customers and add value to their day.

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1. A commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Salesloft in September 2022. Results are for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers.