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Sales Call Tracking Software

With Salesloft’s call tracking, sales calls can provide crucial insights to guide salespeople and offer coaching to close more deals. 

Create and automatically sync call logs with your CRM. Optimize sales efforts based on call data. Discover what draws in leads with call recordings, call reports, analytics, and more — all on one platform.

CRM Call Log Automation

As contact lists grow, keeping tabs on call notes becomes a hassle. But by integrating your CRM with Salesloft, reps can automatically log critical information about calls with only minimal input.

Seamlessly sync contacts from CRMs such as Hubspot or Salesforce and call right from Salesloft. Log notes and outcomes with the “disposition” and “sentiment’ fields. 

Eliminate back-and-forth by quickly pulling up logs as references. Automatically save notes to your call step, your contact’s customizable profile, and CRM platform—all with a single click.

Sales Call management Software

Marketing Campaign Optimization

Without tracking inbound calls, business leaders can’t assess whether online and offline channels are capturing sales leads and influencing conversion rates. 

Fortunately, you can use Salesloft’s metrics for sales attribution.

Readily evaluate how many leads are coming in by phone and how many call steps it takes to close. Compare marketing campaign ROI based on cadence and call reports. Determine which steps across multiple Cadences reap the most rewards and close deals faster.

Sales Call monitoring software

Conversation Intelligence

In addition to recording calls and virtual meetings, Salesloft’s Conversation Intelligence simplifies coaching and improves collaboration and efficiency.

Supported by AI analysis, call recordings offer invaluable information on prospecting and customer interactions. Through tools such as transcriptions, managers can glean insights on keywords, phrases, and critical talking points to drive future phone calls.

Examine how buyers and sellers interact to pinpoint areas of improvement. Leave detailed notes for coaching or create clips to guide sales reps.

 Share call data on pain points with implementation teams to support the onboarding process.

All-in-One Platform

As an all-in-one engagement platform, teams can use Salesloft to manage and analyze inbound or outbound calls.

Utilize our Sales Dialer to execute and track sales calls or text messages. Spend less time dialing and more time connecting with prospects with speedy workflows and pre-recorded voicemail drops.

You can even unlock detailed conversation analytics through our reporting software.

Compare and contrast KPIs against Call Standard Reports. Examine call durations or percentage of connected calls to determine the best time of day to reach out. Examine other metrics to better evaluate your team’s performance.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers are already wary of call centers and sales calls. By discovering pain points through call recordings, transcriptions, and sentiment tracking, reps can address issues early and ensure customers are having the conversations they want.

Before an important call, reps can also review nuanced notes and call logs about past issues. Use these viewpoints to assist in real-time decision-making and objection handling.

You don’t even have to scrounge for phone numbers. Easily update contact information, automate follow-ups, and line up your phone calls through a streamlined workflow.

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