Fall 2023 product update

Connect the dots, move faster, win more

Sales is rapidly evolving — but Salesloft will keep you ahead with our deep understanding of how salespeople operate, and what they need to excel in their roles. 

From enhancements in Rhythm and deeper intelligence in Conversations, to new admin capabilities and the first Mobile app for Android, we optimize the way revenue teams work together so they move faster and crush quota.

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Saleslove Keynote: Connect the dots, move faster, win more

And uplevel your entire team with other exciting innovations to the platform
Rev up revenue with Rhythm enhancements
Unlock hidden insights with enhanced Conversations analytics
More flexibility to manage your business, your way

The best part? Take action from ANYWHERE

Salesloft Mobile for iOS and now Android (yup, we’re the first and only Android app for sales engagement!) smooths the workday for sellers and improves their productivity.

Deploy Salesloft Mobile for your entire team so they can stay connected with buyers and log calls and activities throughout the day. Plus:

  • Deploy the mobile app to your global teams with new support for French, Spanish, and German
  • Dark mode lets users adjust mobile app to help with digital eye strain and battery life

Additional updates to our products

Scale your prospecting with winning sales plays that connect with buyers across every channel.

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But wait, there’s more.

  • Self-service Play frameworks via API: Rhythm integration partners can create their own Play frameworks, supporting faster framework deployment and giving them more autonomy to service their customers. API is also available for customers!
  • Dynamic task assignment: Task reassignment is easier than ever with the flexibility to create Plays that conform to one or multiple scenarios without workarounds. Coming soon!
  • Sidebar filters and grouping: More options to create a custom view in the sidebar that meets the needs of your workflow. Sidebar view is saved so you don’t have to reset filters every time.
  • Enhancements to Conductor AI: Conductor AI now includes data from custom call sentiments, improving the Rhythm workflow with better prioritization of prospecting activities.
  • Salesloft Connect for HubSpot: Using our Chrome extension, run Salesloft workflows directly from your Hubspot CRM. Coming soon!
  • Act on behalf impersonation: Self-serve internal support, troubleshooting, and onboarding with the ability for admins to impersonate users. 
  • Scheduled imports from Salesforce: Manual, administrative work is a time sucker. Now, schedule imports from any Salesforce report to automatically add People to Cadences based on data related to Leads or Contacts from any Salesforce Object! 
  • Unified goals across the platform: Save time by setting goals across prospecting, deal management, and coaching efforts in one interface. 
  • Shared activity sync for each contact: Make sure activity is logged to all of the contacts on the activity (like meeting attendees or email recipients) so you have more complete data in your CRM that accurately reflects your buyer journey. Coming soon!
  • More detailed ‘Manage Accounts’ permissions: Grant and withdraw separate permissions for account creation/editing/deletion, helping to align account permissions with people permissions for a more consistent experience 
  • Automation rule change history: Manage your processes, review previous rule settings, and troubleshoot if unexpected behaviors occur by seeing when a user made the change, the time of the change, and what was changed.
  • New options in automation rules: More filters and options let customers  create automations that meet their unique needs. 
  • Person and account profile improvements: Get more details on your buyer in a single pane of glass without having to switch back and forth to your CRM.
  • Bulk manage “Do Not Contact” status: Save time updating contact records with the ability to change Do Not Contact status for multiple people at once from the People list.
  • ActHQ: Generate relevant and actionable insights with ActHQ AI models.
  • Allegrow: Improve email deliverability by avoiding contacts that hurt your sender reputation and warming up new email accounts.
  • CoffeeAI: Send targeted emails and LinkedIn messages using AI-powered hyper-personalization.
  • DataLakeHouse: Cleanse, transform, and enrich data for better reporting and sync Salesloft data to your Cloud Data Warehouse.
  • Evabot: Automatically integrate unique insight and deep personalization using an AI assistant. 
  • Fabius: Identify deals that are at risk and get curated suggestions on how to strengthen the opportunity.
  • Genesys: Make calls from your preferred dialer while benefiting from Salesloft features, like calling from a Cadence step, receiving inbound calls from call queues, and logging calls.
  • Inlet: Eliminate integration bottlenecks with an AI-powered integration platform for engineers.
  • Kleene: Enable your business’ decision-makers to make better, faster decisions with AI recommendations built on reliable, cross-departmental data. 
  • MadKudu: Bring focus to your teams by predicting and prioritizing the right revenue generating action using revenue automation intelligence. 
  • Pocus: Reach product-qualified buyers at the right time by using product usage data to add people to Cadences and personalize engagement.
  • Quack: Automatically import your call tasks & Cadence steps from your Salesloft instance and use parallel dialing to call up to 6 prospects simultaneously while connecting you to the first person to answer the phone.
  • RevSure.ai: Grow your pipeline by improving conversions across the funnel, while optimizing campaigns for revenue impact with AI-based projections. 
  • SalesQ Technologies: Integrate your sales coaching software to link calls to Salesloft Conversations and automatically push call notes to Salesloft. 
  • SMARTe: Revolutionize how you obtain contact and company insights for your ideal customer profile using this B2Bs sales intelligence platform. 
  • tl;dv: Automatically record & transcribe Google Meet and Zoom.
  • Warmly: Close the gap between buyer intent and seller communication by orchestrating buyer intent signals across your website using this AI warm leads platform.
  • Zoom Phone (early access): Make calls from your preferred dialer while benefiting from Salesloft features like calling from a cadence step, receiving inbound calls from call queues, and logging calls.

Generate more revenue, faster

  • Prospect 322% more pipeline (yes, really!)*
    Get more replies with multi-channel messaging, proven templates, and take action from anywhere with the industry’s only mobile app.
  • Drive more opportunities
    Onboard reps more quickly with structured workflows, use the comprehensive data to identify and replicate behaviors of top sellers, and automatically sync all activities to your CRM.
  • Advance and win more deals, 75% faster
    Focus on the most engaged prospects with AI-driven deal engagement scoring. Identify deal gaps and forecast effectively with all deal data in one platform.
  • Win 28% more deals with call recording and conversation intelligence
    Sales call tracking, transcription, analysis, and coaching in one platform and connected to all of your workflows.

*Real success metrics reported from Salesloft customers within the first year of implementation.

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