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Fall 2023 Product Update

From enhancements in Rhythm and deeper conversation intelligence, to new admin capabilities and the first Salesloft nMobile app for Android, we optimize the revenue team workflow so they move faster and crush quota.

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Introducing NEW! Rhythm partner software integrations and self-service Play frameworks via API

Rhythm enhancements

Increase revenue and customize your sales workflow for your needs.
  • Create Plays by user group: Set up plays for specific teams based on their most relevant buyer signals

  • Dynamic task automation for Plays: Task reassignment made easy with flexibility. Create Plays that conform to one or multiple scenarios without workarounds  

  • Enhanced Play reporting: Improve sales coaching and replicate success
Rhythm screenshot

New Conversations analytics

Reveal hidden messages and competitors across your sales calls.
  • Tracker trends: Use conversation intelligence over time to identify problems. See if buyers are mentioning a competitor more often, there are frequent mentions of product issues, or price sensitivity is increasing/decreasing

conversation analytics

Flexible platform configurations

Create real time connections between your key sales reps with more flexibility across the platform
  • “Act on behalf of” impersonation: Self-serve internal support, troubleshooting, and onboarding with the ability for admins to impersonate users 

  • Scheduled imports from Salesforce: Automatically add People to Cadences based on data related to Leads or Contacts from any Salesforce Object

  • Unified goals across the platform: Set goals across prospecting, deal management, and sales coaching efforts in one interface

  • Shared activity sync: Make sure activity is logged to all of the contacts on the activity (like meeting attendees or email recipients) so you have more complete data in your CRM that accurately reflects your buyer journey
Cadence screenshot

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