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Call recording is an important sales tool. It provides a permanent record of customer interactions for reps to grow and learn from.

But it doesn’t have to stop there! Salesloft offers both automatic call recording software and on-demand call recording software to help teams unlock unique functionality for training, analysis, and engagement.

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Manage call logs

Buyers are tired of having the same conversations twice. By recording inbound and outbound calls on-demand, reps eliminate back and forth.

Use Salesloft to create call records and transcripts. Locate information quickly and gauge the full context of ongoing deals.

No need to worry about finding a compatible business phone system: We provide an all-in-one solution for both sales calls and SMS text messages!

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Maintain call compliance

Consumers are understandably nervous about automatic call recordings. Salesloft has measures in place to both maintain call compliance and to soothe any doubts.

To comply with laws in the prospect’s geographic location, one-sided call recording can be used and Salesloft offers a standard recording announcement when using the automatic call recording feature. Use the platform to maintain compliance with regulatory groups so when and if an issue arrives, you can quickly examine historical records. 

We lockdown data so both you and your customers stay safe. This means only people who need access to outgoing calls, phone numbers, and transcripts get access. (This goes for us too.) This level of security also scales to your pipeline, no matter how complex, and controls the flow of data via flexible CRM integrations and role permissions. 

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Increase customer satisfaction

Your customers can say goodbye to impersonal call centers and shoddy iPhone reception. On Salesloft, VoIP telephony is tailored to uplift the customer experience. 

Use voice recordings and customer success manager tools for deeper insights. Leverage your intel to address issues before they become pain points.

With Call Collaboration reps can invite other team members — like customer support — onto a call in progress and can even transfer the call with ease. Take notes on incoming calls, use routing for priority deals, and log all outcomes

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Standardize team training

New hires are bound to run into bottlenecks. Luckily, managers can onboard more quickly and efficiently with call recording software so reps can start bringing in revenue sooner. 

Live Call Studio makes it possible for you to coach even when you’re not present. Sit in on meetings in real-time and whisper advice to your reps without interrupting conversations. Then playback audio recordings to assess quality assurance, accelerate onboarding, improve cold calling and objection handling, and showcase demo best practices. Sync outbound calls and activity with your CRM.

Graphic showing the Live Call Studio in the Call Recording software

Level up your call recording solution

With Conversation Intelligence upgrade call recording to include video recording, transcription search, and deeper analysis of meetings and sales calls with AI-based analysis and insights.

Leave time-stamp notifications and notes for your reps right within the call transcript or search for critical keywords, phrases, and talking points. 

Build custom playlists of recorded phone calls and clips to create a “greatest hits” reel of fantastic calls — or examples of where sales went off the rails.

Analytics provide robust tools to monitor your customer interactions so you can motivate high-quality deals at any point in the cycle.

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What our customers say about our call recording solution

We can tell you about the amazing things we can do for your business, but we think our customers can tell you better. After all, what they think is what really matters.

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I love...that I can use the Live Call Studio to coach reps using the ‘whisper’ function, or join the call live and lead by example.

Ryan H Headshot
Ryan H
Account Executive

Salesloft has been brilliant for us, it helps drive SDR performance and top line revenue growth.

Harry C Headshot
Harry C
Head of Business Development
I suggest highly using the dialer makes a huge difference in making calls…
Ryan P Headshot
Ryan P
Mid-Market Sales Executive

Generate more revenue, faster

  • Prospect 322% more pipeline (yes, really!)*
    Get more replies with multi-channel messaging, proven templates, and take action from anywhere with the industry’s only mobile app.
  • Drive more opportunities
    Onboard reps more quickly with structured workflows, use the comprehensive data to identify and replicate behaviors of top sellers, and automatically sync all activities to your CRM.
  • Advance and win more deals, 75% faster
    Focus on the most engaged prospects with AI-driven deal engagement scoring. Identify deal gaps and forecast effectively with all deal data in one platform.
  • Win 28% more deals with call recording and conversation intelligence
    Sales call tracking, transcription, analysis, and coaching in one platform and connected to all of your workflows.

*Real success metrics reported from Salesloft customers within the first year of implementation.