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Revenue Intelligence Software

Salesloft’s revenue intelligence provides reps with a new way of thinking. With increased visibility and data-backed insights, sales teams can prospect more pipeline, close bigger deals, and accelerate deal cycles.

Guide sales reps with reliable data. Boost team learning, glean insights from buyer-seller engagement, and keep sales leaders informed every step of the way.

Time-Saving Automation 

Revenue intelligence is powered by automation. By eliminating repetitive tasks like data entry, sales managers save time, money, and information across their sales cycles. 

Workflow and automation combine communication channels, engagement tracking, and machine learning to power a prioritized action queue. Customizable automation rules increase the productivity of reps, allow them to focus, and drive revenue growth.

Automate lead and opportunity routing, email sends, CRM sync, and more. Plus, build a cohesive, automatable workflow with Salesloft Cadence.

Revenue Intelligence is Sales Intelligence

With revenue intelligence software, salespeople gain across their sales strategy, along with actionable insights to win more deals.

To improve how your team sells, use Salesloft Deals to prioritize the best accounts, identify deal gaps, track buyer activity data, and assess performance. AI and machine learning is part of the workflow to help revenue teams prescriptively identify next best actions. Visual dashboards track individual reps’ pipelines, critical KPIs, and other key metrics. 

You can also rely on robust Conversation Intelligence to better understand buyer engagement and coach more effectively.

Intelligent Sales Forecasting Tools

Sales reps can take action right from the forecast when sales forecasting is in the same platform as deal management and buyer engagement. Anyone on the revenue team can dig into the deals in the forecast to review recorded calls, update deal stage, or directly contact a buyer.

Spot risks earlier in the sales cycle and eliminate hours on deal interrogations because everyone has visibility. Automatic forecast roll-up eliminates back and forth and wasted selling time. Customize categories and stages to match your organization’s forecasting process and drive more revenue.

Gain confidence when you triangulate data for your forecast. With Salesloft Forecast, combine human instinct, the weighted pipeline, and artificial intelligence to make decisions throughout the sales process.

Improve Sales Performance

We know your reps are busy—so why not take the guesswork out of selling and give them a platform that tracks their activity and outcomes for them?

With Salesloft, sales managers can combine real-time visibility, CRM integration, and automated workflows to gauge team progress and pinpoint top performers.

Step in to coach, model future strategies after your best sales plays, and keep your team on track—all on one platform.

Worried about micromanagement? Don’t be. The goal of our revenue intelligence software is to ensure sales teams and revenue leaders stay in the know without data overload.

CRM Integration

Revenue intelligence platforms leverage CRM data alongside buyer engagement and deal information to ensure your strategies and decisions are fact-based and effective. 

Through integration, Salesloft can sync with leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Hubspot. Log and track all relevant sales activity, break down information barriers between revenue teams, and use CRM data to enhance connection with buyers.


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