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Lead Management Software

Sales teams use lead management to capture and maintain leads across their sales pipeline, but without software to streamline processes, management is a major hassle.

That’s why we decided to incorporate lead management software into Salesloft. With our fast-tracked workflow, sales reps can qualify, track, and nurture leads all through a single platform. Discover the top best lead management & tracking system for sales teams.

Lead Tracking System

Shuffling between programs just to track leads is tedious, costly, and not to mention plain annoying.

Give your salespeople a break with a shiny new lead management system.

Use Salesloft to track leads from initial touch to close and maintain an organized record of relevant sales activities. You can also automate follow-ups to land your next big deal and motivate leads further into the sales process.

Lead Scoring Automation

Thanks to lead scoring automation, Salesloft’s workflow can analyze your captured leads and discover new sales opportunities.

Set your lead scores and define engagement values in Salesloft. We’ll do the heavy lifting and automatically convert top leads to Hot Leads. After which, you can organize qualified leads, route them to the right sales rep, and prioritize your best business opportunities.

Automated Follow-Up & Sales Prospecting

Salesloft’s email cadence software optimizes lead capture so you can unearth quality leads in your sales funnel.

Set triggers to automate email marketing campaigns and track all interactions. Use templates to reach more customers without sacrificing personalization. Salesloft even routes buyers to the best workflow so your email campaign can get the follow-through it deserves.

No extra lead management tools required; you can do it all through Salesloft, your CRM, or via email inbox integration with Gmail or Outlook.

CRM Integrations

The more complex your sales process, the easier it is to lose information on new leads. You can avoid intelligence gaps by syncing lead data with CRM software.

Integrate Salesloft with your favorite customer relationship management providers, such as Salesforce and Hubspot CRM. Automatically log sales activity, maintain oversight, and enjoy cohesive functionality.

(For other lead management solutions, check out our integration between Salesloft Cadence and LeanData!)

Contact Information Management

Contact management seems like a simple task, but there’s no end to the intelligence you can gather from web forms, emails, social media, and phone calls.

Salespeople can keep it all together on Salesloft. Build unique profiles, organize contact details with comprehensive tracking, and streamline information gathering with automated actions.


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