Team productivity and performance

Unlock team potential and lock in revenue outcomes

Break free from average.
Mold every seller into a top performer.

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    320% increase in rep efficiency
    Go from manual work to automated workflows to hit revenue goals faster.
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    TEI Study

    25% faster new hire onboarding¹
    Propel new hire productivity with best practices and repeatable processes.
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    15% revenue growth from coaching
    Tie seller activity to revenue impact to provide timely and targeted feedback.
Screenshot of Salesloft Deals instance broken into opportunities created and pipeline added

Guide reps to greatness

Coach to specific challenges and tie activities to outcomes with a single view of seller performance. Quickly drill into call recordings to act on opportunities and provide timely feedback.

Screenshot of Salesloft platform where our customers can revisit the videos and recordings of their calls

Reduce new hire ramp time

Accelerate sales readiness by sharing best practices from Conversations. Use recordings to differentiate strong vs. poor calls and shed light on buyer needs.

Screenshot of a Rhythm workflow dashboard with real-time analytics for efficient tracking and management

Increase team efficiency

Stay in one application to grow pipeline, close deals, and forecast with seamless CRM and sales tech integrations. Act with certainty when Rhythm transforms buyer signals into prioritized actions.

Solve your biggest pain points in sales

Salesloft’s AI-powered revenue orchestration platform guides go-to-market teams towards the right actions to yield the best outcomes: delighting customers, maximizing revenue, and increasing lifetime value.


Generate more pipeline

Take the guesswork out of inbound and outbound prospecting.

Win more deals

Efficiently and effectively drive opportunities to close.

Increase customer value

Build trust with customers and add value to their day.

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1. A commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Salesloft in September 2022. Results are for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers.