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Did you know that sellers who receive just three hours of coaching per month increase close rates by an eye-watering 70%?

With Salesloft Coaching, managers can wield real-time data to optimize pipeline, boost retention, reduce ramp time, and drive truly meaningful coaching conversations that drive seller success.


Data-Driven Coaching Platform for Sales Teams

Coach People, Not Activities

Tired of analyzing a single call or email and not seeing the bigger picture?

Salesloft’s powerful, single view of seller performance helps you quickly identify coaching opportunities and hold empowering, data-driven 1:1 conversations. Sales managers can identify key trends, assess performance in relation to quota attainment, and quickly drill into call recordings and emails to understand how efficient and effective your salespeople are at prospecting and closing deals.

Coach to Outcomes

The best sellers don’t just do more – they do more of the right things.

With Salesloft’s sales coaching software, managers can set goals for reps that tie activities directly to outcomes and team-wide objectives. Track every outcome such as meetings booked, new opportunities created, and pipeline generated. Coach to specific seller challenges, anonymously rank top performers based on reliable data, and help sellers meet their targets every month.

Improve Sales Calls & Processes With a Coaching Culture

Make every seller in your organization a top performer.

Salesloft Coaching uses data-driven insights to identify the behaviors of top performers, replicate their success across the team, and simplify the B2B sales process. Using Salesloft as a remote sales coaching tool makes 1:1 coaching accessible to all team members so you can scale your sales process with a consolidated, easy-to-follow workflow that saves time and increases productivity.

Why Customers Choose the Best Sales Coaching Software

Benefits of Sales Coaching Tools

Improve Sales Performance

1:1 coaching increases sales productivity, ensures consistent messaging, and improves seller effectiveness. With Salesloft, artificial intelligence identifies positive and negative email replies, and Coaching suggests the sales calls and seller emails for sales leaders to review right within the workflow. Stop relying on a sales training platform to deliver a one-size-fits-all regimen of stale selling practices. Encourage managers to use your organization’s key metrics to identify seller weaknesses – from product knowledge to qualification.

Retain Top Sales Reps

Win the talent war and retain more sellers when sales managers are spending time individually coaching reps. Top performers are more likely to stay at a company when their manager goes beyond sales training starting with onboarding.

Plus, effective sales coaching can increase win rates, and sellers who are exceeding quota are more likely to stay at a company. With routine assessments, sales managers can identify performance gaps and get reps back on track.

Close Deals With Data-Driven 1:1s

Generic or ineffective 1:1s not only waste your and your reps’ time, but also reduce your team’s overall performance. Salesloft tailors coaching to the seller so managers are helping each rep in the areas most needed. Coaching suggests calls and emails to review so you can provide specific feedback on how the sales representative can book the meeting next time.

Real-time sales engagement data helps sales managers dissect how individual sales reps are selling. With access to data like conversation sentiment, on-time percentage, and number of accounts/contacts engaged, you can offer actionable insights that reps will actually use. Design sales enablement efforts to boost win rates with Salesloft’s sales coaching platform.


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