At Salesloft, inclusivity is a priority

Together, we will identify new and different ways to embed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion into everything we do.

Salesloft CARES

This isn’t an HR initiative. Real Lofters stepped up and created Salesloft CARES: an umbrella group for all of our employees and our employee resource groups (ERGs).
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    We collaborate with our ERGs, Lofters, and local communities.
  • Letter A


    We actively participate, support, speak up, and advocate for the underrepresented.
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    We use active listening, empathy, and compassion as a baseline for every interaction with our fellow Lofters.
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    We don't have a finish line — we never stop educating and measuring our results over time.
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    We create safe spaces for all Lofters to feel seen, heard, and supported without judgment.

Our DEI mission

To create strategic advantages for all Lofters and our communities by infusing diversity and inclusion into every facet of our business.

DEI — short for diversity, equity, and inclusion — is about so much more than simple representation. Recruiting a diverse team is the first step in building a culture where people are free to be themselves, share their perspectives, and have the confidence that comes from truly belonging.

DEI Team Meeting

Salesloft employee resource groups

  • Salesloft InLakech ERG Logo

    Representing Latin employees

  • Salesloft Lotus ERG Logo

    Representing Asian employees

  • Salesloft Prideloft ERG Logo

    Representing LGBTQ+ employees

  • Salesloft UJIMA ERG Logo

    Representing Black employees

  • Salesloft WIN ERG Logo

    Representing Women employees

Salesloft data as of April 1, 2023

It’s easy for an organization to claim that they are dedicated to diversity. But we want to do more than just talk. By publicly sharing our ongoing journey toward a more inclusive community, we can show our commitment, improve accountability, and help push the larger DEI conversation forward.

This year, we launched an internal DEI survey to assess how Lofters feel we’re doing and to collect additional self-reported data beyond gender and ethnicity metrics.
  • 37%

    Primary caregiver
  • 12%

    Member of the LGBTQ+ community
  • 1%

    Non-binary / genderqueer
  • 11%

    Differing ability or disability
  • 1%

  • 65%

    Pet Parent
  • Gender
    Salesloft Gender Pie Chart
  • Ethnicity
    Salesloft Ethnicity Pie Chart
  • Age
    Salesloft Age Pie Chart

Our action plan

We’ve reflected on who we want to be, knowing that will morph and change as we learn and grow.
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    Invest in our Salesloft CARES team and ERG programming to drive external partnerships and internal safe spaces.
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    Ensure equitable hiring practices and create opportunities for the advancement of women and people of color (POC) into leadership roles.
  • Salesloft Graduation Cap Icon
    Educate all Lofters to maintain our commitment to DEI and use a DEI lens to evaluate our business decisions.

We’d love to have you here

If you’re ambitious, energetic, obsessed with great service, and are ready to learn and grow, then you might have the makings of a Lofter.

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