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Salesloft Showcases Vision for the Future of Sales at Saleslove’22 Conference


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Customers Learn How Salesloft Rhythm Will Revolutionize the Sales Profession 

Atlanta, September 7, 2022 - Salesloft, the leading sales engagement platform and provider of the Modern Revenue Workspace™, unveiled plans to revolutionize the future of sales at its annual Saleslove conference in Austin, Texas, last month. Business leaders from around the world came together to discuss the current state of sales, including leaders from 3M, IBM, Oracle, Google, Cisco, Experian, LinkedIn, McGraw Hill, Liberty Mutual, and NFP, among others. Salesloft introduced Salesloft Coaching at the conference, a first-of-its-kind coaching innovation for sales managers. The company also announced  Salesloft Rhythm, a single open platform that unifies the entire seller workflow, coming to market next year. 

In addition, Salesloft debuted a number of new features for enterprise customers, including expanded governance capabilities across the entire Salesloft platform. Detailed controls allow customers with complex business requirements to have full control over the data their users have access to, while audit logs give customers comprehensive visibility to see what has changed in the Salesloft platform. Updates to Forecast by Salesloft were also announced, including the ability to submit multiple forecasts as well as opportunity alerts, which notify sales leaders about at-risk deals and significant changes in the pipeline. All content and curriculum from the conference is available on demand by registering for a digital pass through the Saleslove’22 website.

Introducing Salesloft Rhythm

Salesloft Rhythm is a proprietary, patent pending, signal-to-action engine designed to guide sellers to success. For years, sales teams have sought to simplify their complicated and disjointed workflows with guided selling tools that can recommend next best actions. However, existing solutions are not equipped to deal with the complexity of modern sales cycles that consist of large buying committees and a multitude of signals coming in from all the different apps sellers must use to get from prospecting to closing. The result is a chaotic, fragmented, and inefficient sales workflow. 

But Rhythm is different. It will ingest every signal from the Salesloft platform and partner APIs including Drift, Highspot, 6sense, and hundreds of others. Artificial intelligence will then rank and prioritize those signals to give sellers a clear, comprehensive list of actions they can execute in the platform that will be the most impactful to them at the time.

Unlike anything else on the market today, each action item it prioritizes will also come with an explanation of why the action is important and what the likely outcome will be. In addition to simplifying a seller’s day-to-day, it will help them build their skills by providing the context about why each action matters and what will come of it. 

Watch Salesloft Rhythm and the vision for the future of sales unveiled at Saleslove’22.

 “Rhythm is a differentiated and disruptive vision that fulfills the promise to guide sellers to success– across the entire selling workflow,” said Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer at Salesloft. “Even with the innovation of the last decade, selling is still too hard. Today, Account Executives must work across systems in a disjointed way. Rhythm will ingest and rank their most important actions, so sellers can focus and drive revenue. No more sifting through multiple systems, fragmented data, or disparate communications channels. In other words: no more chaos.” 

 ”The tech industry has done a disservice to the profession of sales,” said Kyle Porter, CEO of Salesloft. “Thousands of companies are creating point solutions to address micro problems without looking at the complete seller workflow and experience. The answer is to simplify, consolidate, streamline. Salesloft gives you everything you need to succeed in one place, built the way you work. We’re building a more intuitive and successful salesforce on an unprecedented scale.” 

 “As a customer of Salesloft, we are consistently impressed by the company’s delivery on its mission of making sellers’ lives easier,” said Lindsey Boggs, Global Director of Sales Development at Quantum Metric. “With Salesloft, our overall activities increased 24% globally on the sales development team, and that meant more team members achieving and exceeding their quotas, which contributed heavily to increased pipeline. As we look to the future of sales, we’re so excited to further our partnership as Salesloft continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be a modern seller.”

Read more about Salesloft Rhythm, or watch the entire product keynote from Saleslove’22 which showcases Salesloft Rhythm along with the other platform innovations announced at the conference.

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