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Salesloft Introduces Industry-First Forecasting Solution to Help Customers Predict and Deliver Revenue


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Forecast by Salesloft is natively integrated with the company’s Modern Revenue Workspace™ so companies can manage the entire revenue workflow in a single platform

ATLANTA, April 19, 2022 - Today Salesloft, the leading sales engagement platform and provider of the Modern Revenue Workspace™, announced the launch of Forecast by Salesloft. This new capability helps organizations forecast with more accuracy and take action to close deals, all from the same platform. 

For many businesses, forecasting is a disjointed and manual process that still takes place in spreadsheets. Sellers and sales leaders are forced to go through multiple steps in disconnected systems. As a result, forecasts are inaccurate, valuable selling time is wasted, and insights on how to improve sales results are limited.

With Forecast by Salesloft, this process is transformed from a burdensome task into a strategic action plan to close more revenue. Forecast uses real-time data and multiple forecasting techniques to make it easy to see where the team’s performance is trending. Built-in AI analyzes dozens of deal factors to help identify missed opportunities in the pipeline. Deal-level engagement data allows sales leaders to quickly drill down into deals at risk of slipping. 

Because Forecast is a native capability of the Modern Revenue Workspace, managers can take action by assigning follow-ups or adding deal notes right in the workflow. With Forecast, customers have the visibility, intelligence, and workflow to close deals more consistently and act upon unrealized opportunities. 

“Forecasting is a critical process for every revenue organization,” said Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer at Salesloft. “But when sellers use spreadsheets, there’s a high risk of user error and acting on old data. Spreadsheets aren’t scalable, are incredibly manual, ungoverned, and only serve as a snapshot in time. There’s no context to help sellers look ahead.”

“Forecast by Salesloft is an intelligent solution with strong data governance, so there’s less room for errors,” continued Fields. “Sellers can forecast and take action on those deals from the same platform. When sales managers have real-time visibility and the ability to drill down, coaching sellers and taking action happens naturally, leading to better deal outcomes.” 

“The response to Forecast by Salesloft has been super positive from both managers and reps,” said Dannielle Hokanson, Director of Sales Enablement and Business Development at OneCause. “We started the roll-out with managers first. They’ve begun incorporating it into their one-on-ones with their teams to talk through pipeline and all forecasting with their reps. Forecast has already proven to be very easy to use and incredibly valuable in helping us know where to take action so we can deliver on our number.“

Existing Salesloft Enterprise package customers can start taking advantage of these new capabilities today as part of the Salesloft Spring ‘22 release. This release includes dozens of other platform enhancements, including Multi-language Support for Conversations, Out-of-Office Detection, and mobile updates. 

With Multi-language Support, Salesloft Conversations can transcribe calls and meetings in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, making it easier to review and learn from buyer conversations when selling into a multilingual customer base.

Out-of-Office Detection uses AI and machine learning to automatically recognize when a buyer is out of office and reschedules Cadence steps for the day after the buyer returns, increasing the likelihood of connection.

New mobile enhancements allow sellers to add people to a Cadence and send text messages and emails directly from the mobile app.

Learn more about Forecast by Salesloft by attending  Driving Action With AI: Why Better Forecasting Matters, on April 20. To learn more about all the new features and platform updates included in the Spring ‘22 release, read the Salesloft Product Update.

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