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Out-of-Office Detection: Your Prospecting Secret Weapon


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Knowing when buyers are available or out-of-office can make or break a deal strategy or derail your prospecting efforts. 

Everyone has been there – you reach out to a prospective buyer, colleague, or customer only to find out they are out for the next week. Now when your prospect returns, your email will be one of hundreds they quickly scan when they return. 

With out-of-office detection, you never have to worry about that again.

Out-of-office detection automatically recognizes a buyer’s out-of-office inbox settings, marks buyers who are out, and reschedules tasks and cadence steps. The AI algorithm uses natural language processing to identify the date the buyer will return – even if the out-of-office message says something like, “I will be back the Tuesday after next.”

OOO dashboard

Don’t forget about Pause Cadences for when you head out of town.

Reach More Buyers

Out-of-office detection automatically reschedules cadence steps without asking you to confirm this action. 

Imagine how many more buyers your outbound team could reach if each member had an additional 20-30 minutes per day because they weren’t manually handling out-of-office replies.

Give sellers an additional 1.6 to 2.5 hours a week to reach more buyers.

Plus, using out-of-office detection at the cadence level makes it easier to align cadence structure with selling strategies and increases leverage of automated emails. 

But what about buyers who let you know ahead of time that they are heading out? What if you just prefer the human touch and don’t want to automate the process? No worries there, either. Sellers can easily manage out of office from the person and account pages within Salesloft.

OOO dashboard 2

Increase Conversion Rates

Out-of-office detection is unique because it reschedules cadence activities for the day after the buyer is set to return. This increases the likelihood of conversion because buyers have time to catch up on their inbox so they can focus on your message.

Since out-of-office is marked for buyers regardless of whether they are part of a cadence, you can also pause your one-off emails and calls until the buyer has returned.

Prospect Consistently

This automation is awesome for being able to know where to focus my efforts.

Most revenue teams see pipeline creation dip around major holidays. A big part of that is because buyers are out of office. With out-of-office detection, sellers can pivot their strategies to keep their prospecting consistent.

“Especially around the holidays, when you’re getting a lot of OOO replies, having a report to say how many of your leads are currently out of office, that will help a lot with re-focusing my efforts,” explains Eduardo Ugueto Acosta, Senior Sales Development Representative at LogRhythm. “For example, if it’s a U.S. holiday like the 4th of July and I see prospects are out for the full week, I will shift my efforts to Latin America or Canada for that week. This automation is awesome for being able to know where to focus my efforts.”

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