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Pause Cadences: Just in Time To Unplug for the Holidays 


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While the holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, they can be especially stressful for sales teams. With end-of-quarter and end-of-year deadlines looming, it can be hard to take time off and unwind with friends and family. Sellers have enough to worry about – you shouldn’t have to worry about what’s going to happen with your cadences and automations while you’re out of the office. 

Now you don’t have to, thanks to Pause Cadences. 

This Salesloft feature lets you temporarily pause all your cadence steps while you’re out of the office. So, instead of manually rescheduling steps across all your cadences, just set the window for when you will be out of the office and Salesloft will take care of the rest. Any of your cadence steps due will be rescheduled until your selected “resume” date. And, no automated emails will be sent while your cadences are paused. 

Pause Cadences

While taking time off can be stressful, it has a lot of benefits. From increasing productivity and happiness at work to reducing stress and burnout, resting is an essential ingredient in successful high-performing teams. After test-driving Pause Cadences during a recent vacation, Tyler Eiker, an Outbound SDR at BambooHR told us, “Pause Cadences makes it easier to leave the office.” 

Pause Cadences also solves three more challenges for sales teams:

1. Accurate Seller Activity Reporting

When cadences are paused, cadence steps aren’t classified as overdue. That means activity dashboards accurately reflect when SDRs and AEs are still up-to-date on their activity.

"I was surprised we benefited from Pause Cadences as much as we did. … It's been really awesome to be able to have reps take time off and I don't have to worry about if their leads are neglected or not," said SDR manager Michelle Hanson.

Cadence Process Total Completed Steps

2. No More Backlog of Overdue Tasks

While you might not be able to stop thinking about the deals you are trying to pull in, at least you don’t have to worry about your cadence steps piling up while you’re out. Sellers can come back from time off refreshed and with a clean slate, with the right steps queued up when you log back into Salesloft upon your return.

You can even schedule your Pause Cadence window in advance, which is one less thing to check off your list before your next holiday or vacation.

Before Pause Cadences it would take a week or two to catch up after being on vacation. Now it's a lot more manageable and not as overwhelming.

Andrew Davey
Account Executive, Fivetran

3. A Better Customer Experience

While there’s no doubt Pause Cadences creates fewer headaches for sellers, it’s better for your customer, too. By pausing automations, Pause Cadences ensures that prospects aren’t receiving emails when you’re off the clock and also prevents sales emails from being sent when your customer is sitting down to a big holiday meal.  

“Pausing cadences meant that I didn’t have to worry about emails being sent while I was out of the office. Since no one was booking on my calendar or receiving automated emails, it saved me from having to check email while I was on my honeymoon,” noted Salesloft SDR Abigail Martin.

Ready To Pause?

While many of Salesloft’s innovations help teams increase their productivity through reducing manual tasks, another way to increase productivity is by recharging. Pause Cadences makes it easier for you to rest so you can excel at work. Learn more about Pause Cadences in the Knowledge Base or log into Salesloft to pause cadences ahead of your next break. 

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