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Spring ’22 Launch | Forecast by Salesloft, Out-of-Office Detection, and More Are Now Available


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Say hello to the Spring 22’ release! Our latest release helps you and your organization plan and take action with Forecast, serve customers more efficiently with out-of-office detection, and coach in a multi-language selling environment with new language transcription support. We’re also delivering dozens of other feature enhancements to help you sell better. Let’s get into it!  

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For many organizations, forecasting is a disjointed and manual process that still takes place in spreadsheets. I think you know how this goes. You and your leadership team transcribe deal data into a spreadsheet or emails and slowly build up a view of the business, one level at a time. The process is ungoverned and disconnected from your CRM data. You finally arrive at a number, but it’s hard to take action, as the forecast is removed from all the tools you use to sell. 

This is why we built Forecast. 

Forecast transforms a tedious task into a strategic business-planning activity. Because Forecast is a native capability of the Modern Revenue Workspace™, you can take action right within the Forecast workflow, gain greater insights using buyer engagement data, and identify trends with real-time data.

True Pipeline Visibility

With Forecast, you have a real-time view into what’s changing week to week, allowing you to instantly gauge deal heath and buyer engagement. You are your team can drill deeper into the opportunities that matter most.

Commit To Your Number 

We’ll give you a bunch of inputs, but ultimately you own the number. By combining data from AI, your team’s forecast, and your weighted pipeline, you can see your business from different perspectives to make a call number you feel confident in.    

Take Action

This is Forecast’s secret sauce. Not only can you identify risks, gaps, and opportunities in your pipeline, you can take action. Have your team make that follow-up call, send that one-pager to overcome objections or schedule that meeting with additional stakeholders—all from one platform. Its action turns that forecast number into a close won number. 

Forecast graphic

Existing Salesloft Enterprise package customers can start taking advantage of these new capabilities today. If you are not on our Enterprise plan, contact our sales team to learn more. 

Out-of-Office Detection 

Cutting through the noise and making contact with buyers is hard, but unknowingly sending a message when they’re out of the office can make it even harder.

Out-of-office detection automatically recognizes a buyer’s out-of-office inbox settings, marks buyers who are out, and reschedules tasks and Cadence steps (for the day after the buyer returns). In addition to the automation, sellers can easily manage out of office from the person and account pages within Salesloft.

“This automation is awesome for being able to know where to focus my efforts,” explains Eduardo Ugueto Acosta, Senior Sales Development Representative at LogRhythm.

“For example, if it’s a U.S. holiday like the 4th of July and I see prospects are out for the full week, I will shift my efforts to Latin America or Canada."

OOO graphic

Multi-Language Support in Conversations

For many of us, selling in a multilingual environment is a fact of life. You need platforms that can span the breadth of your business. That’s why we built multi-language support for Conversations.  

All the great functionality of Conversations is now available in German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch. This update fuels Salesloft’s continued rapid growth and investment in Europe.

Now the recorded meetings, transcripts of the meetings, and the ability to highlight specific conversation areas and jump to them within the transcript are available to even more sellers. 

Conversations MultiLanguage

But there’s even more

While we’re smitten with Forecast, out-of-office detection, and multi-language support, these are just a few highlights, among the dozens of features in this release. Read on to learn more about everything we’re delivering.

New Release Banner Cadence

Time Zone Management

Making contact with buyers when they're available and most likely to respond is crucial to strong conversion rates. Time zone is now available from the person and account pages to ensure even higher response rates by grouping and sorting your Cadence steps by your buyers’ time zone.

Salesloft Mobile App

Spend more time on the road with your customer, or simply be away from your desk.  You can now add people to a Cadence and also loft their text messages and emails directly from your Salesloft mobile app. 

Automation Rule Management

Salesloft's Automation Rules take care of the repetitive tasks like adding an interested prospect to a nurture Cadence. Save time with a new drag and drop interface that makes it easier to see inactive versus active rules and provides a log of the rule usage, such as when it was enabled, disabled, by whom, when, etc. 

For example, if a rep connects with a prospect who is interested but not yet ready to meet, you can update their stage to Nurture to keep the prospect warm and prevent opportunities from falling through the cracks.

Account-Based Automation

New automation options are now available for the growing number of revenue teams who are relying on an account-based sales model. For example, you can now automatically add the whole buying committee to one Cadence or ensure all account contacts are updated when an opportunity is disqualified. 

Cadence-Specific Automation

Make contact management a breeze with our new Cadence settings automation option that automatically removes someone from a Cadence once you’ve booked a meeting with them. This feature gives you even more control of your communication, ensuring prospects and buyers only receive relevant information.

International Number Provisioning

Now uploading non-U.S. phone numbers is easier than ever! When admins get a new non-U.S. phone number, they can upload the required documentation directly from the Regulatory Compliance Application in Salesloft.

New Release Banner Conversations

Meeting Recordings Linked to Deals

Get a big picture of your pipeline by easily moving from a meeting recording to the related opportunity with just one click. Being able to quickly jump from Conversations to Deals makes forecasting and strategy that much easier (if you aren’t using Deals, you’ll be redirected to the Salesforce opportunity record).

New Release Banner Deals

Filter Timeline by Activity Types

Quickly find the deal information you’re searching for with our new Deals timeline filter! You can quickly filter by activity types such as:

  • Call recordings 
  • Emails sent
  • Deal stage 
  • Close date changes 
  • And more!
New Release Banner Platform

Activity Feed API

Salesloft’s activity feed provides a treasure trove of important data by tracking critical touchpoints between buyers and sellers. With this new API, enterprise customers can tie this data into their reporting tools, notification systems, or custom CRMs.

New Release Banner Integrations

The CloudTalk dialer integration improves the productivity of outbound calling with features like click-to-call, call & SMS logging, and a simple set-up process. 

The Copyfactory platform provides your own AI assistant that writes unique sentences for all of your contacts in your tone and with your own contact research. Sellers can create true 1:1 messaging at scale to improve open, delivery, and response rates.

Integrating Gradient Works Salesloft allows you to connect Salesloft directly to your Salesforce server, streamlining complicated lead distribution workflows. Alongside our Next Step actions, this integration will allow you to add users to your Cadences and verify whether a user already exists in a Cadence before adding.

Call and message your customers and contacts using JustCall and sync those activities with Salesloft. You’ll gain access to your call and message-related analytics, recordings, and voicemails for each contact. 

Automatically send hot leads from Leadinfo to Salesloft. Leaninfo recognizes the companies that arrive on your website and gives you access to an easy-to-use clear dashboard so you can easily contact your most valuable visitors. 

Find sales triggers for your target accounts and generate personalized Salesloft email Cadences. Send better quality emails, scale engagement, and achieve more sales meetings while onboarding new team members more quickly.  

Nooks Nooks is a virtual sales floor where remote SDRs can come together for power hours, call blitz, or coaching sessions. By connecting with Salesloft, revenue teams get live call status in-app, plus features like playing music in the room, real-time transcription, and emoji reactions.

Qualified is a conversational sales and marketing platform that enables revenue teams to meet with website visitors using live chat, voice calls, and chatbots. Capitalize on target account interest by instantly engaging website visitors.

The Ringover dialer integration helps boost team productivity by removing manual tasks, logging relevant call information accurately, and providing actionable insights. 

Source leads from RocketReach’s contact database and lead intelligence platform and easily enroll them in a Salesloft Cadence. RocketReach ensures you're using clean and verified lead information. 

Add Tolstoy interactive videos to your Salesloft emails. With Tolstoy, you can easily build branching videos and place a compelling call to action in your video, boosting engagement and increasing booked meetings.


Check out Knowledge Base articles linked above, our on-demand product update video, or reach out to for more information—we’re here to help!

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