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Salesloft Launches First-of-Its-Kind Sales Coaching Innovation


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Company Also Announces Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics Integrations and Enterprise-level Security Controls 

Atlanta, August 23, 2022 -  Salesloft, the leading sales engagement platform and provider of the Modern Revenue Workspace™, today launched a revolutionary new coaching capability as part of its summer ‘22 product launch. Salesloft Coaching helps sales managers more effectively coach their team by putting the critical information they need about rep performance – from email and call activities to meetings – right at their fingertips.

Salesloft Coaching is unique in the market for its ability to provide sales managers a powerful, single view of how their reps are performing against their goals across multiple activities and channels. Managers can immediately see key trends, get recommendations for rep calls and emails to review, and help their sellers book more revenue with less effort by coaching to outcomes instead of individual activities. Sales managers now no longer have to spend hours digging through multiple reports, handwritten and digital notes, meeting transcripts, and spreadsheets to compile the data they need to have effective one-on-one sessions with their team.

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“Salesloft’s new coaching capability pulls together all sales activity in one place, across channels and meeting platforms. Coaching best practice is designed right in – from starting with outcomes, and then presenting metrics on effectiveness, efficiency, and activity volume. Being a sales manager is one of the toughest jobs on the sales team. This new capability gives managers a way to see how their reps are progressing toward pipeline goals, and most importantly, a framework for helping them achieve those goals,” said Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer at Salesloft. “Managers get a holistic view of their reps so they can address skill gaps for individuals and the team at scale.” 

Retaining top talent is mission-critical for enterprises looking to weather a potential recession. The quality of coaching sellers get from their manager is a key factor that influences whether or not they stay at a company. 

“As budgets tighten, companies need to be able to accomplish more with less,” said Steve Goldberg, Chief Revenue Officer at Salesloft.  “For sales managers, that means you have to be more productive with the people you have, so upskilling and coaching is critical. At Salesloft, we have the added benefit of using our own platform. This new coaching capability is already having a huge impact on our success. Our sales managers can start work each morning with an immediate pulse on how their reps are performing against their goals. Then they can tailor their coaching, so each seller gets the help they need to hit their specific targets.” 

"Salesloft Coaching is yet another reason to have everyone in one system where we can manage all our deals. We can track stage conversion all the way down the funnel and get the insights we need to better coach our sellers,” said Justin Alsamarrai, Head of Sales, Financial Products at enterprise fleet management company Motive (formerly KeepTruckin). “We were already using Salesloft Conversations for call coaching, so to now have that combined with targeted metrics all in one place is a real game changer. It's saving us time and making our one-on-ones more productive. Plus, no more spreadsheets because it's all right there under one tab in Salesloft.”

Salesloft customers can start taking advantage of Salesloft Coaching today as part of the summer ‘22 release. This product release also includes several other platform enhancements, including a CRM integration with Hubspot and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration to bring the power of sales engagement to more businesses around the globe no matter what CRM they use. 

In addition, customers now have more governance capabilities with detailed access controls across the entire Salesloft platform. Starting today, customers can customize controls for Deals, with access controls for Conversations coming later this fall. Customers with complex business requirements have full control over the data their users have access to. Customers can also take advantage of new self-service audit logs. Audit log functionality gives admins a way to see what has changed in the Salesloft platform, who performed the change, and when it happened. 

Learn more about all the summer ‘22 platform updates here.

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