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HubSpot CRM and Salesloft are totally in sync


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HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM systems on the market. To serve HubSpot customers, Salesloft is enhancing CRM Sync for Hubspot, an integration that serves Hubspot’s growing customer base with the power of Salesloft sales engagement. 

HubSpot users can now jump directly into HubSpot from Salesloft, and teams can review and report on activities from Salesloft within HubSpot. 

It’s one of our most requested features from our customers. Here’s why they love it: 

  • It paints a complete picture of all of their buyers, so they can take the right action at the right time 
  • It lets them get the most out of each platform by pairing activities with better business outcomes 
  • It unlocks better reporting in their CRM, so nothing slips through the cracks 
  • It improves productivity by helping teams prioritize the tasks and responsibilities most important to reach their goals 

Keep reading to learn more. 

What is it? 

CRM Sync for HubSpot has previously been handled by two providers: HubSpot and Salesloft, each owning sync for different objects. Now, the integration is wholly handled by a single provider: Salesloft! So forget delayed sync times, sync errors, and clunky workarounds. Plus, admins now have more Salesloft support to guide them with implementation and integration needs.

salesloft hubspot integration graphic

What’s included? 

No longer a limited integration, Salesloft’s new and improved CRM Sync for HubSpot will provide a more complete, streamlined integration experience for HubSpot customers. CRM Sync for HubSpot provides the optimal sales engagement experience, aligning Salesloft activities with outcomes that take place within HubSpot’s CRM. Customers will see: 

NEW! Opportunity sync: View and report on Opportunity data with a one-way sync from HubSpot to Salesloft. With Opportunity data at your fingertips, you can see the success of specific cadences, guide reps more intentionally in coaching, take advantage of Rhythm capabilities, and build/view reports that include opportunity data. 

NEW! Activity sync enhancements: Additional activity data happening in Salesloft will automatically be tracked back to HubSpot — including and not limited to logging call dispositions and conversation recording URLs. Plus, all activities associated with specific companies and Opportunities will be logged to HubSpot. 

In addition to existing capabilities: 

A more robust view of CRM data: Easily jump into HubSpot from Salesloft and see all critical sales data with a single click. 

Enhanced syncing capabilities: No manual data entry needed – all calls and emails sent in Salesloft are automatically recorded as activities in HubSpot. 

Better reporting in their CRM: All critical touchpoints that take place in Salesloft are automatically logged into HubSpot for a unified reporting experience and better visibility across the revenue team. 

Your workspace, your way with NEW! Early Access for Salesloft Connect for HubSpot

It’s time to stop waiting to start working. Salesloft Connect for HubSpot is a Chrome Extension that gives sellers access to Salesloft anytime, anywhere, by letting them schedule emails, track interactions, insert templates and snippets, and log messages without ever leaving their workflow. 

Plus, stay in your HubSpot interface with all the Salesloft data and actions in front of you. With all the functionality sellers need to prospect persistently – combined with automatic CRM sync – they get time back to focus on their buyers. 

Let that sync in 

Salesloft is proud to bring sales engagement to more customers, regardless of their preferred CRM. Updated CRM Sync for HubSpot seamlessly synchronizes data across both platforms to add consistency and predictability in a sellers’ everyday prospecting efforts. And with new Salesloft Connect for HubSpot, sellers can run Salesloft workflow without jumping from system to system – so they can take action faster than ever before.

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