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Salesloft Rhythm: Making the Chaos of Selling Prioritized and Actionable


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The sales industry for years has sought a “next best action” or “guided selling” approach. The idea is that technology would recommend the right action at the right time for sellers based on the current state of a deal. Powerful concept. It didn’t work. The old approaches were basically simple if-then statements.

Old-school guided selling wasn’t equipped to deal with:

  • An average of six to seven people on the buying side 
  • The volume of signals that make it hard for account executives (AEs) to prioritize their time
  • Swivel chairing from one app to the next that slows reps down

All of these approaches left the sales teams trying to manage their workflow with confusing signals and inadequate tools – lots of them. Sellers were working for the technology and that is exactly backwards.

Salesloft Rhythm is the Future of Sales

Rhythm is Salesloft’s vision to fulfill the promise to guide sellers to success. The AI powered signal-to-action engine will take in and synthesize signals from multiple sources and rank them to produce a prioritized list of action. 

Ingesting signals from multiple places means sellers don’t have to keep task switching to make sure they’re seeing all the important data. With everything in one place, sellers don’t have to keep task switching to make sure they’re seeing all the important data.

Saleslove Diagram

Each action item Rhythm prioritizes comes with an explanation on why the action is important and what the likely outcome will be. This doesn’t just simplify the average rep’s day-to-day; it helps them build their skills by providing the context they need to understand why each action matters and what will come of it. 

Watch as Salesloft Rhythm is unveiled at Saleslove'22.

Come on the Journey With Us

Our development team is hard at work to deliver Salesloft Rhythm next year. Reach out to your customer success manager or AE to take Rhythm for a test drive when it's ready. At Salesloft, we are not just looking to the future of sales – we are building it. Salesloft adds more than 100 capabilities per year, and Rhythm will be coming soon.

Article By

Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer, Salesloft

Previously at Tableau and Microsoft, Ellie has deep expertise in business intelligence and analytics. In her role at Salesloft, Ellie shapes, drives, and executes Salesloft’s product strategy amid the company’s exponential growth and rapid product expansion.

Frank Dale, SVP Product Management, Salesloft

Prior to joining Salesloft, Frank was the CEO and co-founder of Costello, which was acquired by Salesloft. He has served as either CEO or COO at several investor backed software companies including Compendium, which was acquired by Oracle. Frank is a frequent speaker about entrepreneurship, team/individual performance, go-to-market strategy, and leadership at conferences around the country.

Ryan McShane, VP Product Marketing, Salesloft

Ryan led the packaging, pricing, and GTM strategies for Tableau Software prior to joining Salesloft. While at Tableau, Ryan frequently led sales-all hands product updates, analyst briefings, and customer roadmap discussions. He is a graduate of Brown University.

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