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OneCause Accomplishes 20% More Sales Activities With Salesloft


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Who is OneCause? 

OneCause provides customers with easy-to-use digital fundraising solutions that help nonprofits reach more donors and raise more money. 

These solutions power online giving, event management, mobile bidding, and peer-to-peer fundraising for nonprofit organizations of all sizes so they can focus on what truly matters: advancing their organization’s mission. 


"As a smaller organization we were getting by with our CRM, but it wasn't a very effective tool for what we needed to do.” — Dannielle Hokanson, Director of Business Development and Sales Enablement.  

Managing everything through their CRM, OneCause lacked visibility into their processes and procedures. From a pipeline perspective, this took a significant toll on their team. 

“It's not a unique struggle for sales teams to have good, clean pipelines and data, and we have struggled with that as well,” said Hokanson.  

Without streamlined access to their pipeline, OneCause had to manually go into each opportunity, note any changes, and then update each stage. This caused the team to run into two different issues: a lack of clean data and a huge decline in efficiency. 

Working from an unclean pipeline, the team struggled to streamline calls, deliver high impact messages, and manage customer relationships. They weren’t armed with the right insights and messages, and what information they could retrieve took exponentially longer than needed.


“Being able to use a sales engagement tool to fire up our engine and do so in an efficient way has been a game changer,” Dannielle shared. 

Using Deals, OneCause had a visual representation of their pipeline that encompassed all of the details of all of their deals. With an easily accessible view, they were able to decrease the time they spent cleaning up their pipeline from about an hour a week to approximately ten minutes. And, with greater efficiency, they were able to take the right action at the right time. 

Managers could also go into their one-on-ones and pull up the pipeline to speak to potential questions they — or their team — may have. This made coaching a lot less anecdotal and far more targeted. 

In tandem with a better pipeline view, coaching sessions were improved with the help of Cadence templates — which aligned teams on a singular message. It also served different sectors of their sales team by catering to specific needs. 

“The sales development team was able to write really good cadences for a large quantity of touches, while the new business team — who focus on quality — were able to personalize their messages,” said Dannielle. “They could be intentional. “

Then managers could evaluate the success of those sales activities and transfer best practices using Conversations and Analytics


“I have a Cadence for new hires that I set up that shows them how to set up Salesloft, how to get in there, and where to find certain things,” said Ashley Schau, Sales Development Manager. “It also shows them how to add to a Cadence and move through it and answers a bunch of frequently asked questions.” 

Staying on the platform helped OneCause teams learn about the platform — faster. This significantly expedited their new hire ramp time. 

OneCause also saved time by using Cadence templates. Reps who were tasked with 60 to 80 calls also had time to execute the adjacent number of follow-up emails with one click of a button — plus 10 to 20 more. And, for reps excited to personalize their follow-up based on a specific customer and/or interaction, they could include snippets

“Email templates give us the power to make prospecting much more efficient, and adding snippets to them lets us stick with an automated process without losing the personal touch,” said Schau.

OneCause was able to successfully monitor their reps’ progress using Conversation playlists. With a playlist built for every single SDR, they could evaluate their own calls weekly and then go through them with their manager. Together they could answer: 

  • What sales methodologies were used, and were they the right ones?
  • What methods were used to overcome objections? 
  • Were the right expectations set for specific calls? 

Pairing these playlists with their “cookbook” of relevant analytics, teams could evaluate their efficiency scores. The cookbook was the backbone of reps who were on track for quota — and for those that weren’t, the cookbook helped them pick up the pace. This made every seller their best seller. 

With proactive pipeline management, enriching sales data, and endless opportunities to coach with valuable insights, the Salesloft platform gave OneCause the tools and confidence to transform their sales team into productive, winning sales engines.