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The wait is over - Rhythm is here

By: Salesloft Editorial


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Rhythm is here!

We’re Salesloft. And we’re fundamentally changing the future of sales. 

We saw the need for a complete revenue workflow platform years ago, and we’ve been hard at work ever since to lead the industry in building it. 

We already had many of the core platform components in place, with integrated workflows, enterprise governance, and AI in the workflow. But even with everything we’ve delivered across the platform — selling has been too hard. 

Too many buyers in every deal cycle, complicating the whole process.

Broken workflows impeding productivity.

Overwhelming to-do lists.

 Rising expectations on sellers. 

It’s all too much. There needs to be some sort of solution that benefits both buyers and sellers alike. 

That’s why we built Rhythm

It’s the first AI-powered workflow for every member of the revenue team. 

Rhythm orchestrates a seller’s perfect day by transforming buyer behavior into seller action in a prioritized workflow. That way, everyone on your team can hit their number every single time. 

How does it work? 

Rhythm presents your sellers with a set of prioritized actions based on what is most likely to help them build pipeline and close deals. It takes signals from across Salesloft and third-party integrations, ingests them via APIs, and then offers the next course of action the seller should take. Those actions aren’t just listed though. They’re ranked and prioritized based on immediacy and impact — features led by our patent-pending AI engine, Conductor AI. 

This powerful AI engine sits at the heart of Rhythm, unburdening your team from labor-intensive decisions and adding predictability across your full sales cycle. We believe every rep should have a workflow that helps them stay focused on actions that have the most impact on pipeline and revenue. So that’s what we created.

The importance of ethical AI

Rhythm is going to change the industry. But it won’t change anything at the expense of your human sellers’ experience, autonomy, and livelihood. 

We take great care at Salesloft to remove biases that would lead to discriminatory factors. The revenue technology industry as a whole hasn’t demonstrated a similar commitment to avoid harmful bias as of yet — but it should. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the rest of the industry in this area.

AI should serve as a partner to your human sellers, helping them do what they do best — engaging with other humans. AI should not be used to make final decisions for humans or to dictate how they spend every minute of their day. 

Good AI solutions like Rhythm are thought partners and assistants to humans, improving the experience of selling for your team members, and helping them to engage with buyers by cutting out manual, time consuming tasks that would otherwise get in the way.

What about your existing CRM?

CRM was purposefully built to be your system of record, a rich repository of customer data. But it was never intended to be a seller’s system of action.

We love CRM. It’s a necessary part of the sales workflow. And many of us here at Salesloft built our careers on CRM. But that doesn’t mean that it was designed to answer questions like, “how do I know if I am spending my time on the things that matter?”

Your CRM needs an equal partner. A revenue workflow platform that solves the problem of finding consistency and repeatability across your entire go-to-market motion. We fundamentally believe that we must anchor the workflow for every customer facing role within an organization. Like CRM, the modern AI driven workflow platform must mirror the entire customer lifecycle, not just one function in the process. 

Revenue teams are already seeing results

Selling is hard. But what makes Rhythm so amazing is what Salesloft customers are seeing in just a few weeks of our Alpha and Beta testing. 

One of our early access customers booked 62% more meetings with Rhythm, and were able to do so with 44% fewer activities.

Another Salesloft customer was able to book two meetings in the first 5 hours of using Rhythm.

This is truly a revenue workflow platform where we can guide sellers to success, making sure reps have the tools they need to nurture customers, deliver better experiences, and work with more ease and accessibility.

This is Rhythm. It’s the future of seller workflow. And we think it’s a pretty bright one.