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3 rules Thryv uses to save sales

By: Salesloft Editorial


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This post is part of our Save Your Sales series based on real customer stories. Check out the video interviews here.

It’s not news to you. But the world of sales is being shaken up right now. Buyers are creating their own journeys — and circumventing your sales reps in the process. As a result, your team might be struggling to hit numbers and close deals. And you can’t forget, all this is happening under the weight of a very uncertain economy. 

Our customers are feeling this pressure, too. 

We sat down with one of our customers — Joe Gaaspeck, the Head of Inbound Sales at Thryv, an all-in-one workflow tool catering to small businesses. We wanted to learn what their approach to this new selling environment is. Joe told us how his team continues to successfully move forward by using key tools within the Salesloft platform, and some workplace wisdom — when it seems like so many other companies can’t. 

1. Write a prescription for consistency

Joe outlined that the biggest problem Salesloft helps the sales team at Thryv overcome is consistency. What ultimately works at the end of the day is sticking with a routine that’s prescriptive down to the letter — and acting on it day in and day out. 

Once you have a tool that works for you, and a routine in place that you can act on, you can scale that across an entire team. This will allow them all to be as successful as possible as quickly as possible. After that, reps can just focus on the conversations that they need to have. All the other stuff that comes along with their everyday sales processes is already organized for them. 

2. Create value, not value judgments

With the idea of consistency as the foundation of a stable sales team, Joe continued by telling us that your goal should be to bring your organization the most value you can — with the team you have right now. 

Sure, there will be AEs or SDRs who are more tenured or knowledgeable than others. But you have to trust that you hired smart, capable people for a reason. If you give them the same consistent and rewarding experience that you give your customers, like Thryv did with Salesloft, improving is all but guaranteed. Your leaders will coach more effectively. Your reps will learn more quickly. And you’ll get to proficiency and value much faster. 

The ability to scale grows exponentially. And that growth isn’t just bestowed on certain sales teams because they’re full of good people. It happens because those teams took the time to see what value they needed to bring, and then added the steps and tools that they needed to get there. 

3. Solve age-old sales problems with a modern approach

Lastly, Joe shared that sellers often need to look for new ways to solve old problems. Of course sales reps would be able to figure out how to adapt to the changing customer journey eventually. But it would take longer and be harder to scale. 

That’s where an AI approach can help. Using a revenue workflow platform like Salesloft can help you stay a couple of steps ahead of ever-changing buyer behavior. With it, you can improve deal quality, maintain momentum throughout the sales cycle, and achieve more closed won revenue. It allows you to solve the problems you were always facing, but with insights and data at a scale that can’t be topped.

There’s momentum and energy in that sort of scalability. And you owe it to your organization to shoot for that level of value.

For the Thryv sales team, there’s still a lot of excitement and growth to explore, even with the economic challenges we’re up against globally. That’s the power of driving consistency, adding value, and trying modern approaches. How will you and your sales team plan to ride the waves of the new market? Check out the full interview with Joe Gaaspeck here, then check out how Salesloft can elevate the work of your sales reps today.