Salesloft AI turns data from your conversations into dollars

Buyers and sellers are constantly engaging across every channel imaginable, from web, to phone, to email, and even chat. Each interaction is a critical point to move a deal forward – but without the right insights and the ability to act on them, the deal can be lost altogether

AI in Salesloft gives revenue teams deep insights about their customers that they can instantly act on in their workflow. That way they can work more efficiently, engage buyers, and create outstanding customer experiences.

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Take action instantly with an integrated workflow across all of your conversations

Zero-in on important topics with Conversation Key Moments

Competitors, objections, and decision-makers can kill a deal – but they’re often overlooked or go unnoticed.

Identify blockers before they become deal risks when Generative AI reviews Conversation transcripts to surface the most important information from your calls. Now, understand the most critical topics buyers bring up to prioritize actions that directly impact deal health and velocity.

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Prepare the full selling team with Meeting Prep Workflow

Successful meetings happen when everyone – reps, the larger selling team, and prospects – are briefed and know what to expect.

Stop clicking EVERYWHERE to read and absorb bits of information needed to inform attendees. Our AI extracts Conversations data and meeting summaries into a single cheat sheet directly in your workflow. An alert in Rhythm reminds you to share it with your team as internal prep notes, or send it as a prep-populated agenda to prospects.

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Coach effectively with AI-assisted Conversation Scorecards

Who has the time to dig through hours of conversations?

Scorecards feature AI-suggested answers that reference the parts of the transcript justifying the score. Save time and provide higher quality, actionable feedback when managers can fill (or reps can request for them to fill) scorecards directly in their Coaching workflow.

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Capture your entire buying group automatically. Then, engage all of them to win the deal.

Buying group

Our analysis shows that a whopping 75% of deals don't have any configured contact roles. This leaves managers, leaders, and RevOps in the dark about who’s part of the buying group.

Across all of your deals, Auto Buying Group Capture gives you a holistic understanding of the full buying committee and the activities that actually drive deal outcomes. It automatically creates Person records* for all identified recipients on an email or meeting activity, and then associates them with the right deal. 

*Enable or disable sync to your CRM

Plus, say hello to a new navigation experience.

Easily create Cadences, coach, track deal performance, and see what’s working in analytics.

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Additional updates to our products

  • Bulk reschedule actions: Make adjustments quickly when due dates change by selecting actions from your Focus Zone and rescheduling them in intervals (one day, three days, etc). 
  • Improved Cadence Focus Zone experience: Work the way you want to work when new ‘Group By’ options let you filter Cadence steps by account, timezone, and Cadence. 

  • List Unsubscribe: Email recipients can easily unsubscribe from emails with just one click without damage to the reputation of the organization sending those emails.

But wait, there’s more.

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