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April ’20 Launch | Analytics Overview

April 5, 2020

Before we jump in, a lot has happened since we shared our last Product Update with you 6 weeks ago. Check out our pro tips and best practices for working remotely with Salesloft. Let them help you get more than ever out of Salesloft during these uncharted times with capabilities like network connectivity optimization, Call Passthrough, Salesloft Mobile, and Live Call Studio. If the guide leaves you wanting more, join Salesloft experts for a live Q&A session during Office Hours, hosted twice daily.

Now for anyone new to Salesloft, we share this Product Update to streamline communications for you and provide more predictability around when to expect information on new and updated capabilities.

What do I need to know?

Here are some tips that should help you navigate this announcement.

  • Features with ** next to them require configuration by your team’s Salesloft Admin.
  • To learn more about any feature covered in this announcement, click through to the linked Knowledge Base article. We made it easy.
  • Watch our webinar that walks through the contents of the update and ask questions in the Q&A.

Introducing the All-New Analytics Overview

Salesloft Analytics helps you stay in touch with your team’s performance, which is especially valuable as you settle into remote work. The all-new Analytics Overview provides more of an instant health check on your sales process and team performance. Dig into the details of what’s new here.


People and Accounts Access**: Ensure every sales rep stays focused on what’s important. Remove distractions by configuring each rep’s access settings so they are only able to see and engage with the accounts and people assigned to them.

Email Autosave 1.0: Never lose your work again when working on a one-off email from the Person Profile page – Salesloft autosave has you covered.

Table Modernization: The Snippets table now has better scrolling, filtering, and bulk actioning. Accounts table update coming soon!

Import People: Confidently import people into Salesloft, with person ownership and active cadence columns now available in the import table.

Salesforce Email Editor: The streamlined email composer is now available in Salesforce via Salesloft Connect.

Native Exchange Web Service Integration**: Seamlessly integrate Salesloft with Microsoft Exchange, natively, for a faster experience from the Sales Engagement platform you trust.

Live Call Studio Filter: Group filtering allows managers to filter their view of Live Call Studio by groups to focus in on coaching their teams.

Updated UX: We continue to refine the experience of our newest capability with improvements to the To-Dos workflow, filtering, and pipeline view.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions, we strongly recommend you consult with the Knowledge Base articles linked above. If they don’t answer your questions, view our webinar for a more detailed overview with Q&A available in our User Forum. Also, free to reach out to [email protected] for more information – we’re here to help!