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The Perfect Fit: Which Salesloft Edition Is Right for You?


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by Ryan McShane Vice President, Product Marketing

Sales teams will always want three things: increased revenue, reduced costs, and more predictability.

We’re rolling out three new editions of Salesloft to do just that. Our new editions are even easier to understand and better aligned to problems that sales teams are trying to solve.  And across every edition, we deliver industry-leading mobile capabilities, cross-platform security and governance, and a seamless workflow for anyone in the revenue team.

salesloft tiers graphic

Essentials Edition: Grow pipeline and gain insight

Right out of the box, Salesloft Essentials gives sales teams what they need to generate pipeline, do it more efficiently, and prioritize leads to improve both inbound and outbound conversion. With Salesloft Cadence at its core, Essentials creates workflows that cut down on distractions (like tedious manual CRM updates) and help reps focus on just the activities that result in more revenue. On top of that, Salesloft Coaching gives front line leaders deep analytics and intelligent tools to make sure their reps are doing the right things and hitting their targets.

It is more important than ever to make sure everyone on the go-to-market team can contribute to the company’s pipeline performance. With Essentials, sales development and account executives can lay the foundation for a healthy fiscal year.

Advanced Edition: Convert deals and win customers

Of course, pipeline is only as good as the deals that you win. Sales reps in every industry are learning the hard way that consistent engagement is what really closes deals — but many sellers are at a loss about where to focus and what to do.

Salesloft Advanced builds on the Essentials foundation with two additional products to close that gap. Salesloft Deals assesses prospect engagement factors to help account execs understand which deals are at risk, which are likely to close, and what they can do to push those deals across the finish line. And Salesloft Conversations applies AI analysis to prospect calls, giving sellers the insight they need to create delightful buying experiences and a seamless workflow to deliver those experiences.

Premier Edition: Generate predictable revenue, quarter after quarter

Salesloft Premier gives sales teams everything in the other two editions, plus the advanced insight of Salesloft Forecast. With Forecast, CROs and sales leaders can ditch guesswork and finally have confidence in their sales forecasts. Why? Because spreadsheets just call a number to hit, while Salesloft Forecast flags risks to your targets and tells you what you can do about it.

With so much in a single platform, Premier replaces countless point solutions with a one-stop application that gives teams line of sight to their goals, illuminates the pathway between rep behavior and performance, and delivers complete sales forecasting.

Getting Better All the Time

Increase revenue. Reduce costs. Drive predictability. That’s what it’s all about — and that’s why we continue to invest in product innovation. In the last 12 months alone, we’ve released hundreds of new capabilities all designed to improve the selling process, simplify sales workflows, and drive better outcomes for customers.

Ready to see our new editions in action? We're here to help. If you’re already a Salesloft customer, ask your account team how the new Salesloft editions can help you achieve your goals.

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