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Winter '21 Launch | Email Sentiment and So Much More


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Welcome to the Winter ’21 edition of the Salesloft Product Update! In this post, we’ll share all the features and enhancements included in this launch.

Winter ’21 Highlights

Email Sentiment

Email Sentiment.gif

Go beyond traditional email metrics and truly understand which messaging is generating positive intent with your buyers. Our AI-driven model, trained on B2B sales language, will automatically apply sentiment to email replies in Gmail and Outlook. Track what’s generating positive replies and learn from objections without requiring manual data entry.

Email Optimizer by Salesloft Labs

Email Optimizer

Craft the perfect email to cut through the inbox noise. With a simple click of a button, you can analyze your emails to optimize your copy and subject line based on Salesloft’s data science drawn from millions of B2B emails. AI that surfaces actionable recommendations for your emails’ tone, content, and structure. Right in Gmail.

Pause Cadences

Pause Cadence

Instead of a deluge of overdue cadence steps and mistakenly sent automatic emails, Pause Cadences makes it easy for users to press pause on their cadences for a set period of time.

More Winter ’21 Product Updates

New Release Banner Cadence

Cadence Frameworks Update: Giving you more control over your cadences built through Cadence Frameworks with the ability to update automated steps to manual ones.

Log Custom Fields for Events in Google Calendar(A): Save time by logging important meeting data directly to your CRM without ever leaving your Google Calendar.

Microsoft Teams Links for Meetings(A): Save time and reduce manual tasks with Microsoft Teams links automatically added to calendar events created from Salesloft.

Cadence Enhancements:

  • Meeting No-Show Tracking: Gain insights into why prospects are ghosting so you can improve your meeting attendance rates.
  • Schedule Meeting Links in Outlook: A simple, hassle-free way to schedule meetings with your customers, without the email back and forth. Insert Availability now available for Outlook users!
  • Salesloft Mobile - Pinned Notes: Stay on top of your most important updates and reminders, wherever you are, with pinned notes on mobile.

New Release Banner Conversations

Conversations Highlights: Understand the health of strategic deals, identify coaching moments, and more with business-critical Conversations recordings delivered right to your inbox.

Modern Filters: Easily access critical Conversations recordings to make data-driven decisions with an intuitive UI and improved filtering.

Conversations Enhancement:

New Release Banner Deals

Add Person to a Cadence: Run your account-based approach and engage with stakeholders across the platform with the ability to add stakeholders to a cadence from Deals.

Add Suggested Stakeholders: Keep track of key players throughout the deal cycle with suggested stakeholders automatically populated in the associated Opportunity.

Opportunity Splits(A): Track your attainment quota and get the credit you deserve with the ability to share revenue with other reps for the deals you helped close.

Deals Enhancement:

New Release Banner Platform

European Data Center: New European region helps companies comply with data residency policies and will be the default data center for new EU-based customers.

Automation Rules Improvements(A): Save time by assigning Automation Rules to a group of users. Also, the criteria operator and in-app guidance ensure automation rules run without errors or loops.

Platform Enhancements:

  • Bulk Retry for CRM Sync and Activity Logs(A): Reduce admin time when resolving CRM sync and activity log issues with the ability to resolve 100 issues with a couple of clicks.
  • User Auto-mapping(A): Significantly reduce admin time by Auto-Mapping Salesloft users to their respective CRM users during the onboarding process.
  • Live Website Tracking (LWT) Cookie Expiration Update: Salesloft supports our customers in meeting their local and regional compliance and data privacy requirements. We’ve updated LWT cookies to expire at no greater than 12 months.

New Release Banner Integrations

And check out our new integration partners!

  • Autobound: Generate more replies and pipeline as Autobound’s sales intelligence collapses relevant buyer data and suggests personalized emails to execute in Salesloft.
  • Avoma: A conversation intelligence solution that enables customers to access their call recordings and transcripts from Salesloft, and summarize, categorize, and analyze customer calls and meetings.
  • Calixa: Find, close, and grow product-qualified leads by quickly following up with and engaging prospects who sign-up for your product by adding them to a Salesloft Cadence.
  • Correlated: Correlated is a Sales Intelligence solution that enables customers to tap into upstream data sources, create Signals, and then use those Signals to automate downstream Salesloft actions.
  • Crossbeam: With the new Salesloft integration, sellers can now receive assigned Tasks any time an account is identified as an overlap with a partner.
  • Dear Lucy: Keep track of key sales and revenue metrics in real-time by connecting Salesloft activity data with a vast gallery of pre-built metrics, illustrations, and KPI calculations in Dear Lucy.
  • Gamifier: A gamification platform that uses activity data in Salesloft to enable leaders to automate goal tracking, competitions, collaboration, and challenges to promote a productive and engaging team.
  • LeadIQ: LeadIQ removes the bottlenecks in the outbound selling process by automating the tedious and repetitive sales tasks of capturing and inputting contact information directly into Salesloft.
  • Managr: Boost productivity by syncing Account, Cadence, and People directly between Slack and Salesloft and gain the ability to add People to a Cadence.
  • RingLead: RingLead customers can now automatically begin engaging prospects via Cadences when a lead or a contact is routed to their team.
  • Scribe: With one click, create, install, and update Scribe email signatures in Salesloft emails across your organization.


We strongly recommend you consult the Knowledge Base articles linked above. If you need more assistance, check out our on-demand product update video for a detailed overview. Also, free to reach out to for more information—we’re here to help!


(A)Feature requires configuration by your team’s Salesloft Admin

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