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Build Winning Cadences in Minutes with Salesloft + REGIE


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Salesloft is excited to announce the integration with REGIE, giving Salesloft customers a self-service tool for building and importing winning buyer-persona-based Cadences and Cadence content in minutes. 

Managing a library of optimized, proven Cadences for your revenue teams is a job that requires constant tuning and improvement. Oftentimes, the greatest challenges are simply designing and building the Cadences, especially if your organization is engaging a variety of different buyers. If you are the Cadence leader for your organization, you know these challenges first hand. 

Creating an entire library of tailored, industry and persona-based Cadences requires both the know-how and the technology to keep it simple. 

The Salesloft + REGIE integration addresses both these needs. REGIE, an application by, enables Salesloft customers to create sophisticated, multi-touch Cadences that can be imported into Salesloft in a matter of minutes. REGIE gives customers the flexibility to choose from 20 different Cadences that cover the most common sales motions, including inbound lead response, outbound prospecting, and mid-funnel follow-up. 

“REGIE delivered on its promise of quickly providing effective and relevant sales email copy that provided almost immediate results. REGIE has made it incredibly easy for us to create email Cadences that can personalize at a scale we couldn't do on our own." – Drew Olsen, Sales Manager at Tools4Ever

The Salesloft Spring ‘21 product release introduced Cadence Frameworks, which gives customers a library of sales plays directly in Salesloft to quickly build Cadences. These Cadences are designed from Salesloft’s Big Book of Cadences using best practices we’ve developed while working with thousands of customers.

REGIE is for customers who need more. REGIE customers can create custom Cadences that come pre-built with Cadence email content. This is especially useful for those Salesloft customers who need email messaging that is uniquely tailored to a range of industries, personas, and buyers. 

Build Industry-Tested, Persona-Based Cadences 

Speaking to your buyers requires more than the right messaging; it requires the right tone, context, and persona-based word choices. REGIE supports up to 9,100 different buyer personas and provides over 166 million content combinations, giving your team the tone and content it takes to convert specific buyers. 

This is where the ‘know-how’ comes in. has done the work to collect, test, and evaluate the effectiveness of 1.8 billion sales interactions across hundreds of thousands of Cadences to back up their content recommendations for your ideal buyer persona. 

Import to Salesloft in Minutes

Salesloft’s open APIs enable REGIE users to import both Cadence and their associated email content directly into Salesloft. believes this gives customers back an average time savings of between 2-4 hours per Cadence.

I am super excited about the REGIE native integration with Salesloft which makes it even easier to build high-performing Cadences in a matter of minutes. Solving today’s content challenges for the modern seller, REGIE builds your inbound, outbound, and follow-up cadences allowing you to maximize your productivity while taking the guesswork out of your content creation.

Matt Millen

REGIE customers have access to an unlimited amount of Cadences for one annual subscription. Get started with REGIE at

Want More? 

The REGIE integration and Salesloft Cadence Import APIs are only a portion of the recent innovations available to help our customers quickly build winning Cadences in minutes. Learn about the REGIE integration, Salesloft Cadence Frameworks, and other game-changing features in our Spring ‘21 Product Release announcement

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