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Salesloft Now Offers First Globalized Sales Engagement Platform


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Multi-language support localized in French, German, and Spanish minimizes user friction and boosts seller confidence and performance

Atlanta, April 4, 2023 - Salesloft, provider of the leading Sales Engagement platform, today introduced full platform localization. Salesloft is the first Sales Engagement provider to offer its platform in French, German, and Spanish to better serve sellers around the world. Empowering sellers to do business in their native language drives efficiency into their day, increases trust between sellers and their buyers, accelerates the sales cycle, decreases ramp time for new sellers, and helps customers more easily achieve their revenue goals. 

Platform globalization includes native language colloquial translations as well as date/time formats and currencies. Now, every native French, German, and Spanish speaker who works within the Salesloft platform has access to a highly personalized user experience. The entire Salesloft platform is localized, including Salesloft-provided extensions.

“We believe every enterprise product should be fully internationalized to meet the needs of our global customers,” said David Obrand, CEO of Salesloft. “When sellers can do business in their native language, they’re more equipped to authentically engage and build trust with their buyers and drive increased value and outcomes. That’s why we didn’t stop at a simple word-for-word translation; Salesloft’s multi-language support includes critical nuances like differences in turn of phrase. This type of personalized experience is invaluable and one we’re committed to continuing to provide to our customers.” 

”Salesloft is a highly valued partner that continues to demonstrate their commitment to our success as their customer,” said Nicolas Ferreira, head of inside sales at JobTeaser. “Salesloft has already been a game-changer in helping us reach our goals. Now having the Salesloft platform available in the native language of our revenue team is going to unlock seller productivity and accelerate the sales process even further. We're really excited about what this means for our business and our ability to hit our targets.”

The multi-language update is the latest in a series of globalization platform enhancements from Salesloft. Since the opening of its availability region in Frankfurt, Germany, to ensure enterprise customers meet data residency requirements, the company has introduced a number of new capabilities to better serve international customers. These include multi-language transcription support in Conversations; Cadence Priority by Time Zone; Out Of Office (OOO) Detection in multiple date formats; multi-currency support; and custom opt-out and privacy language for email footers to meet regional requirements. Salesloft also launched CRM Sync for HubSpot, a native integration with leading customer relationship management platform and major player in the European market. 

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