2023 State of Revenue Engagement Benchmark Study


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Salesloft, in partnership with Benchmarkit, conducted research in the first half of 2023 to benchmark the state of Revenue Engagement and Revenue Performance.

 Who did we study?

  • 264 companies
  • A broad cross-section of sizes, annual contract values, and go-to-market models
  • Based in the United States and Europe

 What did we find?

  • 55% of participants say pipeline generation is their #1 challenge to revenue growth. There’s a real opportunity for enhancing engagement processes here.
  • Only 50% of AEs and 55% of Sales Development Representatives hit quota. It’s imperative to quickly identify coaching opportunities and provide proactive data-driven guidance to help reps enhance the quality of engagement and drive conversion at each step.
  • Marketing and Sales Development are only measured on existing customer expansion pipeline contribution in 26% and 32% of companies, respectively, which is concerning due to the increased dependency on expansion revenue in 2023.
  • 2-3x lower cost to expand existing customer revenue than new customer revenue. Customer expansion marketing and sales development is an opportunity for efficient revenue growth.

Compare your company to your peers

Check out this interactive tool that allows you to segment the data by location, industry, ARR, go-to-market model, and more.