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Why NielsenIQ can’t live without Salesloft


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As the Vice President of Sales Development at NielsenIQJosh Morgan knows his stuff. He currently leads teams across the world in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Western Europe, and North America in the sales development rep function. When we sat down with him at Saleslove on Tour in London, however, we learned just how knowledgeable he is about the available tech out there right now in the market — and why Salesloft is the one that delivers the most impact for teams like his.

Compared to the rest of the market

“I’ve assessed all the tools in the market, and I think the biggest difference that I’ve seen is the usability,” Josh said. He shared how the Salesloft Revenue Workflow Platform has a level of familiarity that sales teams can easily jump into. It allows for reps to build Cadences and add people to those Cadences easily. And he added that the connection between the CRM systems that his team has with Salesloft is the most powerful that he’s ever seen. 

Because of the clean processes NielsenIQ has when it comes to adding people into Salesloft from their CRM system, Salesloft’s usability comes in clutch. “The ability to plug Salesloft into the CRM and quickly drop those contacts with a click of a button into Salesloft makes that process done within seconds,” Josh said. It makes a big difference when you consider the time savings. Previously for his team, they had to manually add contacts into some of the old tools, which took minutes at a time. When the  65 sellers on NielsenIQ’s team can do it in seconds, the time savings truly add up.

Impact across regions

Salesloft helps the sales org at NielsenIQ understand trends across all of their teams. “It helps us shine a light on a lot of successes that we see across the regions and share those successes from country to country,” Josh shared. What’s also really helpful for Josh’s sales org is that Salesloft allows each of his teams to coach themselves using data within the platform. Not only does this make his sales team’s lives much easier, but it also increases efficiency across the entire org”

Impact on time

Another thing that’s important to the teams at NielsenIQ is that they need to reach leads as quickly as possible. Luckily, thanks to Salesloft, they’re hitting their impressive turnaround times.  “We want to be reaching our leads within 30 minutes via email and a phone call. Salesloft allows us to do that with the connection between the CRM system.” Josh’s sales org can depend on the Salesloft platform to drop their contacts into specific Cadences immediately depending on the scoring of the lead, making his team more effective more quickly.

Impact on scale

This time last year, Josh’s org had about 50 fewer SDRs than it does now. To say that they’ve grown rapidly is an understatement. With 65 sales development reps serving about 29 different countries, they needed a technology that could keep up with — and help them continue — their fast-paced growth. Salesloft has allowed the NielsenIQ sales org to scale a lot faster than they would have been able to otherwise. 

According to Josh, Salesloft also helps him and his sellers understand the quality benchmarks that they need to hit in order to make the most out of every prospect. “Salesloft has allowed us to… replicate best in class Cadences — both inbound, outbound — and events Cadences, to create a certain rigor and process for each market scale-up across the 29 countries.”

Advice for those still on the fence

“There’s a misconception with Salesloft that it is a mass approach tool,” Josh said. But his org uses it to directly hone in on personalizing at scale. They make sure that every single one of their team members is personalizing based on the research they’re doing for their prospects. On top of that, they’re performing as fast as possible. “Before, it would take them 3 hours to do ten emails. Now, they can do about 40 emails in 3 hours – with additional personalization.”

Before, it would take [sellers] 3 hours to do ten emails. Now, they can do about 40 emails in 3 hours – with additional personalization.

Josh joined NielsenIQ as the company was in the process of rolling out Salesloft. And he made a point to let everyone know the right tech that’d been chosen — and that sellers were missing the boat if they weren’t using it. Because for him, the positive outcomes from using the Salesloft Revenue Workflow Platform outweigh any possible doubts.

“I’ve led teams in North America, I’ve run sales enablement divisions, and now I’m leading a sales development team across the world for Nielsen IQ,” Josh said. “I can clearly say that I would not be able to use or do my work without Salesloft over the last five years.”

Watch Josh’s interview for yourself here, then get a demo of the Salesloft platform.