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This marriage of visionaries makes selling a slam dunk.


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A #Saleslove story: focus on Pipeline Creation and Coverage

See why a revolutionary sales development company trusts Salesloft as their ideal partner for accelerating the top of the funnel through booked meetings.

Not every relationship is meant to last, especially when one partner starts outgrowing the other. Eventually, they must let go and find someone more aligned with their goals. When someone who shares their vision and passion comes along, sparks fly and ignite results.

Demand Inc® has an inspired, laser-focused purpose: to bring quality meetings to sales organizations faster and in higher volume using proprietary, AI-enabled sales development layered on top of an existing sales engagement platform. They had an exciting, revolutionary vision, but struggled to find sales technology solutions that offered the levels of control and optionality necessary to meet their business goals. Without knowing where to optimize, Demand Inc could not properly perform their core service. They were also unable to personalize to the desired level because they didn’t have a scalable solution that let them see how their message would perform before it went out.

Their first partner, Outreach, simply wasn’t up to the task of bringing Demand Inc’s vision to life. They needed an equal — whose passion and skills elevated their own — to turn that vision into a profitable, repeatable reality. When Demand Inc and Salesloft came together, the sparks set off an explosion of pipeline for Demand Inc clients. Select highlights include:

  • Booking over 100,000 meetings for their clients using Salesloft exclusively - resulting in $7B+ in pipeline
  • Providing value to new clients in less thatn a week
  • Identifying on average 100 net new targets for their clients over 16,000 total
  • Winning seven figures of revenue during the first 90 days of a client pilot

Stats like that can only happen when partners become teammates who support each other on the quest for success. Here’s what happened when Demand Inc found their perfect champion in Salesloft — and started experiencing #Saleslove.


  1. Obtaining high-quality meetings across multiple industries.
  2. Promoting continuous iteration with varient-level visibility.
  3. Personalizing outreach and prospecting at scale.
  4. Providing secure, 100% transparent service to global clients of all sizes.

1. Obtaining high-quality meetings across multiple industries.

Demand Inc’s business model is simple — clients pay them to prospect and secure high-quality meetings for internal sales reps. Before Salesloft, the tech used by Demand Inc was simply not up to the task. Booking a high volume of quality meetings demands maximum efficiency and productivity from every platform user. In Demand Inc’s case, they also needed a powerful, complementary tool that would allow them to deliver on their unique selling proposition — results based on meticulous research, data, and AI-driven prospecting. So they broke up with the rest of their sales tech stack, and entered into an exclusive relationship with Salesloft.

“Our own framework is very agile, and so we need something like Salesloft, which is just as agile, so we can plug into BD at any company in any industry and expect to be successful,” explains Rey. As a result, he says, “The top of funnel acceleration we’ve driven for our customer has created organic growth for us, too. We’re up to 100 employees on six continents, with some of the most iconic sports teams in every league as customers.”

Salesloft’s comprehensive set of capabilities on a single platform, and its powerful open API, made it the perfect delivery vehicle for Demand Inc’s service to their clients. Delighted customers refer to Demand Inc as the ultimate — and for good reason. Using Salesloft exclusively, Demand Inc has booked over 100,000 meetings for their clients — resulting in $7B+ in pipeline.

derek rey headshot.jpeg

Derek Rey CEO and Founder, Demand Inc and Demand Sports ____________________________

Visionary driver of AI-enabled sales development . . . looking to integrate his cutting-edge technology with Salesoft’s to book as many quality meetings as possible for customers of every size, in any industry.

His growth strategy with Salesloft: “We're continuously expanding. For the last six years, our business growth has been in parity with our Salesloft growth. So strategically, we're growing in terms of our usage — but also we're building on top of Salesloft.”

Quick take on his experience with Salesloft’s customer success managers: “We actually send our Salesloft CSM a Christmas gift — that’s an incredible indication that they should be on the furthest end of the NPS score, like an 11.”

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2. Promoting continuous iteration with variant-level visibility.

A foundational differentiation of Demand Inc.’s business strategy is relentless research and rigorous testing. They have created their own AI functionality for research and copywriting,"finding contacts you’re missing with AI", and are gearing up for the early 2024 launch of, their new AI-powered sales intelligence platform. They also have relied on Salesloft’s API access to drill down to the multivariate, multi-step level of analysis. Salesloft delivers honest data without any of what Derek refers to as the ”vanity kind of BS.” Demand Inc. can look at the experiments, the steps, and break down subject lines, content, and personalized hooks for the utmost in scientific control.

“We have an ethos of continuous iteration and continuous deployment,” discloses Derek. “Salesloft was the only platform we found that allows us to have granular visibility of what's working at the variant or element level. We can determine what’s working and optimize so we do more of that.”

The ability doesn’t just set Demand Inc. apart. Derek explains that, "We've used a bunch of other platforms, if not all of them. And the issues that we've had with those other platforms is we don't have that level of visibility down to the variant that Salesloft provides — and that we promise to our clients." By deploying meticulously researched, highly refined sales frameworks in Salesloft’s Cadence to fill and grow pipeline, Demand Inc. has been outperforming the internal sales teams of publicly traded companies on a 65-1 basis

What do the experts say?

In 2022, Forrester Consulting conducted a commissioned study, The Total Economic Impact™ of Salesloft, on behalf of Salesloft to reveal how enterprise customers benefited from its platform over a 3-year period. Here are just a few of their findings:

  • 394% ROI
  • 60% improvement in response-to-opportunity rate
  • 30% improvement in closed-won deals
  • 50% increase in annual prospecting activities
  • $744k savings by consolidating sales technology

Download the full study

3. Personalizing outreach and prospecting at scale.

Every salesperson knows that personalization matters — but without the right tools, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to execute efficiently in high volumes. There’s also the question of how much personalization is enough. Without reliable data on the success of past efforts, companies run the risk of doing too much, not enough, or personalizing the wrong elements.

“Knowing where to optimize is at the core of our work,” reveals Derek. “Most sales teams don't realize what amount of personalization drives ROI. It's not actually that much. You know, the law of diminishing returns makes 10 to 20% of the message personalized a sweet spot.”

Not only does Salesloft help Demand Inc. uncover those insights, it helps them act on the data as well. Their team can create repeatable, reusable content to make personalization at scale a productive reality. Every message going out via Salesloft has been proven to have the highest opportunity to pique interest and lead to a meeting — including $7B+ in pipeline for Demand Inc. clients so far.

We’re not jealous of your own — or other — technologies

At Salesloft, we get that you have other important relationships. For Demand Inc., our open API is essential to integrating their AI-enabled sales development technology with our complete sales platform.  We also play nicely with popular applications like Salesforce and Lean Data. But Workflow only works for everyone if it’s integrated with *your* other revenue and marketing investments. That’s why we’ve developed more than 160 integrations across customer lifecycle technologies, your systems of record, and your communications tools. If your technology isn’t among them, you’re still covered with that open API that is serving Demand Inc so well. Best of all, it’s all built on a secure, easy-to-govern platform —click here to learn more.

4. Providing secure, 100% transparent service to clients of all sizes.

Using Salesloft, Demand Inc. supports 200+ startups (including 7 unicorns) and 45+ premier professional sports orgs and teams (LA Rams, NY Mets, ATL Braves, SF 49ers, etc.), plus enterprise clients including Salesforce, AWS, HP, Google, Salesforce, and UBER. Like many sales organizations, most of Demand Inc.’s clients live and die by their CRM — typically Salesforce or HubSpot. Because of Salesoft’s easy integrations, connecting customer CRMs has been a quick, turnkey process for Demand Inc., whether it’s a one-direction or bi-directional setup. Using Salesloft has eliminated a lot of pain — prior to that, Demand Inc.’s team had to go into a client’s CRM and manually clean and reconcile lists.

The ease with which they can now connect — over the phone, in as little as five minutes — has enabled Demand Inc. to painlessly satisfy a key customer need. As Derek explains, “A constant is that our clients want activities logged in their CRM — they want visibility into data. They also want a secure environment and to know that the partner we're utilizing is secure: he continues. “Salesloft having a high security posture with SOC Type 2 and ISO 27001 goes a long way in enabling us to win enterprise accounts.”

And the innovations are continuing. One of the best things about the Demand Inc. relationship with Salesloft is that both partners are committed to relentless pursuit of faster, more effective prospecting and pipeline growth. As each partner pushes their limits, it helps drive the other forward.

This #Saleslove story wouldn’t be complete without a deeper look at what makes a genuine platform. Just as a series of dates doesn’t necessarily make a real relationship, a bag of parts or collection of capabilities doesn’t bring to your business what a true platform can. Here’s the difference — and why it matters:

  1. A true platform offers integrated workflows. This makes it easy to use and saves time - which also saves money.
  2. A true platform offers enterprise governance. It is global, and it scales with you.
  3. A true platform contains AI in the workflow. This not only saves time, but it delivers better outcomes.

Don’t settle for bits and pieces — your connection with buyers deserves to be whole, and your business will be the better for it. Salesloft’s authentically unified platform delivers enduring best outcomes to every seller, buyer, and prospect with functionality for every part of the customer journey, from Cadence and Conversations to Deals, Forecast, and Rhythm.

Selling is hard, which means happily ever after doesn’t just happen by accident. At Salesloft, we want sellers to be loved by the buyers they serve. Over seven years ago, we created a slightly nerdy but endearing little concept called #saleslove — a welcoming, intentional approach to celebrating our customers and sharing in their successes. It’s a genuine fusion of commerce and caring that means listening to your goals, your hopes, and your dreams of a better way to sell, then working with you to craft solutions that lift you beyond your obstacles. With a partner who’s all in on a successful, long-term relationship, you can act with certainty — and the way you sell will never be the same.

“The vision for Demand was to create a best-in-class sales development platform to help any B2B company book meetings with sales client prospects. Salesloft was the platform of choice for its options, control, and the personalization that drives ROI.”

— Derek Rey, Founder and CEO of Demand Inc and Demand Sports

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