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Why a revenue workflow platform is what you need to simplify — and win

By: Salesloft Editorial



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You’re well aware of the trends affecting the sales industry right now: 


Low pipeline

Declining win rates 

Smaller opportunity sizes 

Customer churn


Needless to say, this market is quite literally giving teams a run for their money. 

Despite all this, sales leaders like you are heading up revenue teams who have to do whatever they can to bring in business. But, how well are those efforts working? Sellers’ jobs are harder than ever these days. And you’re probably in the unfortunate position of asking your team to do more in less time.

Under these circumstances, revenue teams have had to make snap decisions on how to act. And having the data to make these decisions is critical. But it’s not your access to data that’s making selling difficult right now. 

It’s your lack of workflow. 

In fact, reps only spend 28% of their time talking with customers — a figure that’s concerningly down 20% year over year.

So while you may be new to the phrase revenue workflow platform, the idea is simple. In order for your team to unlock more time for selling and maximize revenue outcomes, you have to streamline and optimize the way they work. The way to achieve this is by translating data across your tech stack into action. A revenue workflow platform helps sellers understand the full buyer cycle and achieve repeatable results, increasing revenue and efficiency. 

So get ready to learn about a technology that curates and prioritizes the data in your revenue stack, while simplifying your overall sales process. Because at the end of the day, your tech should be working for you – not the other way around. 

 A system of record is not a system of action

We love CRM tools. Every business with customers should have a CRM that works for them. We would never knock a system that stores such valuable customer data. But we do think it’s about time your CRM had some help.

You see, while CRM systems gather, house, and even organize your customer data, they don’t contextualize, synthesize, or enable action within the workflow, leaving sellers overwhelmed and frustrated when they should feel empowered.

Let us break it down with a little example of how nearly every organization has tried to build their go-to-market tech stack: 

Start with a system of record — a CRM — designed to store a ton of incredibly valuable data on your customers.

Invest in point solutions (e.g. sales enablement, intent data, e-signature, account-based marketing) to enrich the buyer’s journey, then integrate said solutions into your CRM.

Sellers try to contextualize, prioritize, and act on all this information, but they can’t. So productivity and outcomes are affected.

Sound familiar? The practice above has been the standard for more or less the past 10 years at this point. So it’s understandable if your revenue stack falls into a similar pattern. But it’s unfortunate to have so much rich customer data at your sellers’ fingertips without a way to act on it.

Flowchart for CRM to Workflow

Introducing the revenue workflow platform — your CRM’s equal partner

A revenue workflow platform gives teams a holistic, actionable picture of their customers so they can gain a competitive edge and win more.

3M shrank time to close by 60% with Salesloft


Workflows aligned to your sales motions help you consolidate costs while driving revenue efficiency and effectiveness because they provide a full view of the customer lifecycle. With robust CRM and third-party integrations, AI in the workflow, and customizable automations, sales teams can spend more time doing what they do best.

Managing everything through our CRM led to a lack of clean data and a huge decline in efficiency. Salesloft gave us enriching sales data and the ability to coach with valuable insights.

Dannielle Hokanson
Director of Business Development and Sales Enablement. OneCause


The growth-at-all-cost age we’ve been living and working through has finally fallen apart. Now, revenue teams are staring at tech stacks full of point solutions that only solve micro-problems. There’s got to be a better way for our hard-working teams than piecemeal, duplicative tools.

And there is. Because your CRM was never meant to work alone. 

To truly get the most from such a treasure trove of data, a CRM should be paired with the right map, instructions, and tools to excavate it properly. That’s where a revenue workflow platform comes into play. A revenue workflow platform guides your sellers on the best actions to take across the entire sales motion, ingesting and injecting buyer intent and customer data from your entire go-to-market stack into the workflow. For sellers, they can now easily and quickly engage buyers at the right time, with the right message, in the right way.


Diagram outlining the the entire sales motion, ingesting and injecting buyer intent, and customer data

If you’re thinking to yourself, just how necessary is this? Allow us to put it another way: Sellers are wasting hours per week on administrative tasks and swivel-chairing between applications. The buyer journey is more dynamic and digital-first, and buyer expectations continue to grow. Right now, sellers can’t keep up. They don’t have a unified place to learn about buyer needs and take the next best action based on revenue goals. 

It’s time to close the gap between buyers and sellers by bringing buyer signals directly into the seller workflow. With a revenue workflow platform, sellers have the most complete and accurate data they need with the ability to take time-saving, impactful action to delight buyers.

Citrix saw a 320% improvement in rep efficiency with the Salesloft revenue workflow platform

Elements of a revenue workflow platform

When the pressure is on, sellers need an easy-to-use workflow that will suggest hot leads, next steps, and even which stakeholders to add on a new opportunity. They should feel confident that they’re taking the best action to achieve revenue outcomes. A revenue workflow platform translates buyer signals into prioritized seller action. And within the workflow, the power of partner integrations and AI help reps identify new opportunities and close deals faster

Every company is looking to increase revenue. But right now, when pipeline gaps are expanding, sales cycles are extending, and seller capacity is constrained, even successful organizations need to be one step ahead. 

Sales teams need a new way to win.

A revenue workflow platform brings together every part of the revenue motion in one place, allowing you to create and close pipeline, manage deals, forecast accurately, and effectively coach teams.

Fill your pipeline and accelerate deals by personalizing and scaling interactions across all customer channels. Sales conversations embedded directly into your workflow let you understand the impact of every interaction, so you can make every seller a more effective closer. Take action on deal insights to save at-risk deals and increase wins. Generate more predictable revenue by getting the confidence to call your number and the seamless workflow to deliver on it, every time.

Robust third-party integrations capitalize on your ecosystem investments and bring you closer to your buyer, turning data and insights into revenue action. 

With ethical AI suggesting real-time next steps, your sellers can feel confident that they’re taking the best action to achieve revenue outcomes. And you can rest assured that the entire go-to-market function is aligned and advancing together toward business priorities.

Bonus: A revenue workflow platform brings together every part of the revenue motion in one place, allowing you to create and close pipeline, manage deals, forecast accurately, and effectively coach teams.

Google increased ACV by 97% and pipeline by 117% with Salesloft as a full cycle revenue solution

Your winning platform is here

Without a common place to work together, your team has no choice but to jump from one solution to another — hundreds of times a day. That can waste 30 – 50% of a company’s sales budget on inefficiencies like tool switching. At the same time, this creates a fragmented, inconsistent experience for your buyer. 

You need a new way to win. A revenue workflow platform eradicates the challenges caused by inefficient integrations and complex buyer journeys. It provides a single, seamless platform that connects to your CRM and customer lifecycle tools, bringing certainty to every revenue action and customer interaction. 

Pair a revenue workflow platform with your CRM so your sellers can:

  • Act on buyer behavior to unlock more pipeline faster
  • Accelerate deals with insights into buyer intent and pipeline health
  • See all their actions in one place,prioritized by AI
  • Understand the impact of their actions on revenue outcomes
  • Identify what’s working on what’s not to maximize revenue 

 There’s a lot to be gained from a revenue workflow platform as a sales leader, too. Alerts powered by AI and platform insights give you an important, often overlooked view into your sellers’ work, so you can act and adapt.

For sales and revenue operations managers, a revenue workflow platform can:

  • Reveal risks from hundreds of deals in the pipeline
  • Forecast changes and quotas confidently with AI
  • Eliminate data inconsistencies to improve decision-making 
  • Help you easily and effectively coach every seller into your best seller
  • Make delivering on your number quarter after quarter simple and consistent

The increase in activities by our sales team and the immediate views into productivity that Salesloft provides leaders has been a game-changer for our organization.

Pamela Lapeyrolerie
Digital Marketing Practice Leade, IBM


Simplify and sell 

So many tech solutions over-promise and under-deliver. Some only solve one issue in the scheme of your full sales needs, and that’s if they get used at all. But the tools that make up a robust go-to-market stack  still need the help of a seamlessly integrated partner that can help you move more swiftly and smoothly toward your targets. 

This is really a story of simplification: Simplifying the way your team gathers and uses information, so it’s easier for them to act — and easier for them to find success in their roles within the sales experience.

Are you ready to simplify your process and start earning more money with a revenue workflow platform? 

Let the world’s first AI-powered revenue workflow platform help you create superior buying experiences, increase revenue, and remove inefficiencies. It’s time you had a partner that you can count on to win.