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How Salesloft uses conversation intelligence to master the sales process

By: Salesloft Editorial



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Your customer conversations are a goldmine of opportunity.

Each time your team records a sales call, you gain access to critical insights that improve handoffs, progress deals faster, and upskill reps. 

But there’s a catch. Your reps and managers are likely spending hours a day listening to recorded calls and cobbling together data from different systems to extract these gems. 

That means there’s a high probability that those insights are falling through the cracks. A better way to use conversation intelligence across each stage of the sales process is to integrate the data with your team’s existing workflow. 

Yet surprisingly, most call recording solutions on the market don’t address this insight gap. Instead, you have to swivel between multiple tools (your email program, your CRM, etc.)  just to use the insights you get from talking with your customers. 

Salesloft’s Conversations product is the exception. By placing AI-assisted conversation intelligence in each aspect of your workflow, it helps you understand the voice of the customer at every interaction. This means you can get deeper context about every deal in your pipeline. 

In this article, we’ll show you how it works through four role-specific use cases: BDRs, AEs, sales leaders, and enablement teams. 

  • Use case #1: How BDRs improve conversions and buyer engagement
  • Use case #2: How AEs get higher win rates and accelerate deals
  • Use case #3: How Sales leaders coach to skills and support reps on deals
  • Use case #4: How Enablement creates scalable sales process improvements
  • Conversation intelligence: The glue that unifies buyers, sellers, and revenue teams

But first, let’s cover a few of the basics.

Conversational intelligence and Salesloft Conversations: What’s the difference?

Conversation intelligence is the feature or category that captures customer interactions and analyzes those interactions.'

Salesloft Conversations is Salesloft’s conversational intelligence offering. It sits alongside Cadence, Deals, and Forecast in the complete Salesloft platform.

Why do revenue teams need conversation intelligence?

  • It captures the customer voice. Understand the complete picture of your customers at every step of the buying journey.
  • It provides deeper insights. Unlock valuable learnings from conversations for faster deal progression and strategic decision-making, as well as coaching.
  • It improves sales outcomes. Get increased win rates, higher deal velocity, and bigger deals with better buying experiences.

Now let’s get into what that actually looks like inside the Salesoft platform.

Use case #1: How BDRs improve conversions and buyer engagement 

Salesloft BDRs use our Conversations to review talk tracks, uplevel their skill sets, and deliver a successful handoff with AEs. These benefits ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and buyer engagement. 

Watch how Zach Cliatt, a Enterprise BDR at Salesloft, uses Conversations.

Use case #2: How AEs get higher win rates and accelerate deals

Conversation intelligence is the secret sauce for the AE team at Salesloft. It’s the key to picking up where SDRs left off, maintaining the voice of the customer, and progressing deals faster through team collaboration and AI assistance.

Watch how Meredith Brown, a Commercial AE at Salesloft, uses Conversations.

Use case #3: How Sales leaders coach to skills and support reps on deals

Sales leaders don’t have time to review every team member’s meeting. By creating custom views based on certain filters within Salesloft Conversations, our leaders gain the ability to surface the most important calls to mitigate risk and coach sellers to successful outcomes.

Like finding a needle in the haystack, an integrated conversation intelligence platform allows leaders to review calls in the context of the deal life cycle and offer strategic guidance to advance the deal from one stage to the next. 

Salesloft Conversations is an enormous benefit and time-saver for me. I can coach specific skills or coach to specific portions of the deal where the rep needs help. This has led to increased win rates, increased deal sizes, and more for our team.

Lorne Beitler
Enterprise RVP, Salesloft

Below is a snapshot of how Salesloft’s reps and managers use conversation intelligence to improve skills and support deals.

Table describing the skill related and deal related rep experiences

Watch how our sales leaders use Conversations.

Use case #4: How Enablement creates scalable sales process improvements

Revenue and sales enablement leaders have the seemingly impossible task of stitching together insights from individual conversations to identify problems that need to be addressed across different stages of the buyer journey.

Once corrective action is taken, one of the most important (and most challenging) aspects of your enablement function is the ability to have visibility into the impact of your efforts. 

How do you know if what you are teaching the fields makes its way into their sales pitch? How do you ensure that you’re delivering learning opportunities that actually change the DNA of a business?

For our enablement team, Salesloft Conversations unlocks the ability to not only see but to also hear the impact of our enablement efforts and to measure the moments in which the programs are helping impact seller performance. 

One way we achieve this is through “trackers,” a feature inside Salesloft Conversations that allows you to scan call transcripts and identify keywords or phrases.

When our enablement team implements new training and talk tracks, they can update tracker words and create custom dashboards. And they can also receive highlights so calls that match the set criteria are sent directly to their inbox.

Once these results are curated, examples of what good looks like can be shared across the field and used in onboarding so that everyone is continuously learning and understanding what to try next. 

“We can all dive right into the moment it was said to understand how the prospect responded, and revenue roles can follow up based on the replay of the conversations,” explained Jamin Fochtman, VP of Revenue Enablement at Salesloft.

“You’re not just learning from the person that sits next to you — you’re learning from everyone: those who have a diverse experience, more experience, less experience. And that’s really what changes enablement’s ability to operate at scale. When you build those solid foundations you build once and use them many times. Conversations is a huge hit with our team.”

Watch the micro demo to see how our Enablement team uses conversation intelligence.

Conversation intelligence: The glue that unifies buyers, sellers, and revenue teams

As you can see from the four use cases above, Salesloft infuses conversation intelligence into the revenue workflow so the voice of the customer remains intact at every stage of the sales process. 

With Salesloft Conversations, our revenue team knows what steps to take — without leaving the platform — which accelerates deals, mitigates errors in the sales process, and improves rep performance across the board. And our customers love using it.

screenshot of Salesloft's Conversation Intelligence Software

Integrated in the workflow, our Conversations product includes video recording, transcription search, and deeper analysis of meetings and sales calls with AI-based analysis and insights.

Time-stamp notifications and notes for your reps can happen right within the call transcript, and you can search for custom keywords and talking points, such as competitor mentions or pricing callouts.

You can also build custom playlists of recorded phone calls and clips to create a “greatest hits” reel of your reps’ best performances. 

Want to learn how your team can dip into a goldmine of conversation insights? Request a chat with our team.


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