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6 inspiring examples of Salesloft AEs winning with Salesloft Rhythm

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Updated Oct. 3, 2023
Published Sep. 27, 2023

In case you couldn’t tell from the thousands of articles talking about it, the hype around AI is real.

But one question remains: What’s it like to sell with AI?

Where are the real stories of account executives and account managers who are actually using the AI-based tools their companies are touting?

This is frustrating as a seller.

You want to know if AI is actually making a difference on meetings booked, deals closed, and your conversations with buyers.

Which is exactly why we asked our AE team to share their stories about Salesloft Rhythm and what it’s like to start and end their day with AI. So you could see past the hype and into real outcomes.

Meet Turner, Kyle, Luke, Matthew, Ryan, and Kieran — your guides to selling with AI.

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1. Kieran McLoughlin, Principal Account Executive at Salesloft 

Headshot of Kieran McLoughlin
“Sales is easy” said no one ever.

Being a full cycle AE I am constantly trying to juggle tons of spinning plates, giving new customers the best buying experience possible whilst ensuring that my new business pipeline is always topped up with fresh opportunities.

Last quarter Salesloft launched ‘Rhythm’ which has been a game changer in helping me to consistently focus on my most high impact tasks. Using intent signals from triggers within Salesloft and some of our key partners integrations to suggest actions which are likely to have the greatest impact on hitting my number.

In just the last 90 days;

🎯 My average deal length has reduced by 20%

🎯 My average deal value has increased by 50%

🎯 I sourced my highest value opportunity since joining Salesloft

Shoutout to the Salesloft product team for some awesome work on pushing the boundaries when it comes to helping Account Executives focus on the right things at the right time! 

Read Kieran’s LinkedIn post 

2. Luke Richards, Senior Account Executive at Salesloft

Headshot of Luke Richards

Most sales leaders are trying to get more from their team.

As a full cycle AE, devoting time to prospecting whilst staying proactive and running tight deal cycles can be tricky, and usually something gives.

Our latest product, Rhythm, is solving this by prioritizing actions for sellers that are more likely to convert at each stage of the funnel.

Looking back at Q2, I saw some positive impact on my own metrics:

➡️ 36% reduction in days between opp touches

➡️ 2x increase in ACV

➡️ 25% increase in close rate

All this happened whilst seeing a 63% increase in activities from Q1…

Looking forward to seeing what the data brings for Q3!

Read Luke’s LinkedIn post

3. Kyle Childree, Principal Account Executive at Salesloft

Headshot of Kyle Childree

As a full cycle AE the name of the game is how I can maximize my time in the most efficient way possible. This means no guesswork, no playing catch up, and ensuring every one of my buyers is given the best experience possible.

Insert Salesloft Rhythm.

Rhythm recommends the top activities that I should be prioritizing at the start of every day which means more meetings booked, faster deal progression, and less time wasted. It’s been a game changer over the past few months, and I’m excited to see the results it brings to myself and our team at Salesloft in Q3.

If interested, let’s connect so I can show you how your team can better orchestrate their day for better results.

Read Kyle’s LinkedIn post

4. Mathew Young, Principal Account Executive at Salesloft

Headshot of Matthew Young

From a career in hospitality to SaaS …

At the beginning of 2010, I started my career in hospitality at The Ritz-Carlton, Downtown Atlanta. For 9 years I was the first and last face you interacted with and was responsible for ensuring guests experienced the highest level of personal service.

Flash forward to January 2019 when I made a career leap into unchartered waters as a sales rep – I won’t deny there are skill sets I brought into the role, but there was certainly a huge learning curve; like learning how to make cold calls and running sales cycles.

Without the ingenuity of Salesloft (aka my “executive assistant”) to run effective calls, update pipeline in real-time, and submit my forecast my time would be otherwise spent maintaining various data sources that would ultimately slow down my productivity and ability to perform at my best.

But now I have more at my fingertips thanks to Rhythm! Since its debut, Rhythm has personally helped me prioritize my accounts and customers – finding revenue I otherwise would not have identified. Rhythm is helping me get to my revenue number, assisting me in finding wow moments to (get ready for it, full-circle moment here…) to ensure my prospects and customers experience the highest personal service Salesloft can offer.

So shout out to the amazing teams behind our most recent launch, Rhythm – thank you for boosting my productivity and effectiveness so I can get back to the most important thing in my life, my family!

If you’re interested, DM me – I’d love to show you how Salesloft can help you close more revenue and put time back into your day!

Read Matt’s LinkedIn post

5. Ryan Constantino, Account Executive at Salesloft

Headshot of Ryan Constantino

Let’s be honest, selling is a rollercoaster right now. Ups and downs. Twists and turns. Unpredictable drops.

As a full-cycle AE, my time is spent generating new business pipeline, executing daily KPI metrics (calls, emails, & demos), and staying on top of my opportunities with the necessary sales tasks.

For the record, I’m an avid hater of rollercoasters (I know). But, I look at Salesloft Rhythm as my Dramamine.

Rhythm ensures that the sales rollercoaster – navigating through the ups and downs, twists and turns, and unpredictable drops –  is not only as smooth as possible but also fun and enjoyable!

Rhythm prioritizes my sales tasks for me. It helps me advance my deals faster and execute on what is most important for me to do in the moment.

With Rhythm, I’ve been able to:

🔥 Blow past my Q2 quota (110% achieved) 

📈 30% increase in meetings booked

⬇ 39% decrease in activities needed to generate a meeting

If any of my Linkedin friends are interested in how you can improve your processes, send me a DM!

Read Ryan’s LinkedIn post

6. Turner Green, Account Executive at Salesloft

Headshot of Turner Green

The “jump to the recipe” button is gold. I’m not a cook so oftentimes I find myself Googling recipes for a quick dish — each search has a drawn-out description of why the author thinks this is the best recipe on earth and how they came to love it. There are a ton of ads interrupting the flow and it’s easy to get lost in the details. It’s too much which is why this button saves me.

One click and I get to skip right to the ingredients and steps to make it beautiful.

Salesloft Rhythm is my “jump to the recipe” button. One click in workflow and I’m served up AI-driven insights that have empowered me to focus my efforts on the most promising leads and accelerate deal closures. All the ingredients and steps are right there. Since I’m no longer bogged down in guesswork and aimless activity blocks, I’m able to free up my time to be more strategic with opportunities and creative with prospecting.

Plus, with Rhythm, I now have time to read why Jenna thinks her banana bread is so good 😉

Read Turner’s LinkedIn post

Salesloft customers are seeing the same kind of results

Since we released Salesloft Rhythm in June, our customers have been seeing incredible outcomes:

  • Less than 5 minutes to feel comfortable using Rhythm
  • 62% increase in meetings booked
  • 53% fewer activities than before Rhythm
  • “Huge impact on our time to close and win rates” (Motive)
  • “Salesloft Rhythm takes my energy and hyper-focuses it in a single workflow” (Moody’s Analytics)
  • “Wow! I got all of my day-to-day activities in one place” (Cin7)
  • See more success stories

How Salesloft Rhythm works

Rhythm gives you a set of prioritized actions based on what is most likely to help you build pipeline and close deals. It takes signals from across Salesloft and third-party integrations, ingests them via APIs, and presents actions you can take in seconds. Those actions are ranked and prioritized based on immediacy and impact — features led by our patent-pending AI engine, Conductor AI.

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Connect with our team 

Want to know more about how you can use AI or Salesloft to win more deals? Reach out to us (or the AEs above) on LinkedIn or Twitter and spark up a conversation. Or come hang out with us at our next Saleslove on Tour event in a city near you.

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