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3 ways sales workflows create the fastest path to more revenue

By: Salesloft Editorial



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We know why you’re reading this. Any advice that can help you and your sales team bring in more revenue feels like it’s worth giving a shot these days. Even the hungriest sales teams are struggling under circumstances like these, and we can’t blame them. The amount of sellers hitting their number is 44% less than what it used to be. It can be rough out there. 

But how is a sales workflow supposed to turn the tide for your team in an economic downturn? And what even is one?

What is a sales workflow?

Simply put, a sales workflow is an organized method of repeatable steps that your sellers take in order to hit their goals consistently.

If you’re thinking to yourself, my team already has sales processes, ask yourself this: Is the status quo working in your favor?

Take a step back and put yourself in your sellers’ shoes — or better yet, ask them directly. Many sellers right now are overwhelmed with information and administrative tasks. In fact, reps only spend about 28% of their time day-to-day actually selling! As a sales leader or revenue operations leader, you may not have  full insight into how efficiently and productively reps are operating. This makes it difficult to quickly address risks or opportunities and align key stakeholders in marketing, customer success, and enablement. Worse yet, everyone is being asked to do more with less. 

Your revenue team needs a new way to win. That new way starts with your sales workflow.

A strong sales workflow increases revenue — fast

It’s imperative that your revenue team adapts to changing buyer expectations and economic instability. With a more dynamic buyer journey, increased financial scrutiny, and diverse buying groups, revenue teams are facing declining pipeline, lower win rates, and longer sales cycles. So what’s a team to do? Refocus, that’s what! You’ll need a consistent, scalable way to unlock more pipeline, win more deals, and maximize customer lifetime value — all while coaching the right skills into your team. 

An effective sales workflow is a roadmap to more revenue.

With that said, let’s get into the three ways the right sales workflow provides your sellers with the fastest, most timely buyer signals and AI-powered insights to help them identify new opportunities and close more deals in your sales cycle.

1. It unlocks more pipeline for you

Pipeline is a crucial indicator of revenue. But generating quality leads and managing pipeline health is always a challenge. It takes persistence on the part of all your sellers to keep your pipeline filled. That’s why it is critical to improve prospecting with effective sales workflows and AI that help sellers prioritize more quickly and consistently. A systematic approach to pipeline generation saves time, improves team productivity, and maximizes opportunities.  

Salesloft helps revenue teams achieve and exceed their pipeline goals with unstructured and structured pipeline generation workflows — helping your pipeline goals become reality instead of just a pipe dream. 

Our AI-powered workflow engine, Rhythm, prioritizes actions based on buyer behavior, account data, and revenue outcomes with pipeline generation activities integrated from the very start. Your full-cycle sellers will have one place to focus on actions that result in the outcomes they want. Low on pipeline? Rhythm will prioritize pipeline generation plays. Have a hot lead researching your competitors? Rhythm will help reps act quickly with proactive and personalized engagement. 

For prospecting power hours and outbound and inbound account development teams, Cadence makes high-volume outbound prospecting structured and efficient. With Cadence, revenue teams have powerful automation to deliver repeatable frameworks, A/B testing, and multi-channel touchpoints. That means more high quality opportunities for your organization — at scale. 

We’ve also reduced the burden of manual work on your reps. Tasks like updating a field after each buyer engagement are handled by our CRM sync, ensuring that all your reps’ time is focused on selling and generating pipeline.

Not only do AI-generated workflows ensure that your pipeline management is data-driven, but they also allow managers like you to have visibility into performance to fine tune part of the process, and capitalize on teachable moments to maximize team potential.

The best part is that these workflows are all in one place. Your sellers won’t need to context switch or spend time jumping between separate tools for email, calls, and data. They can easily integrate with apps like Vidyard, G2, and more to act on buyer signals from within the same workflow. With Salesloft, everything you need is nice and handy on a single platform.

Blackbaud increased their pipeline by $600K and increased their outbound opportunities by 77% within the first three weeks of using Salesloft.

The Salesloft platform itself is — without exaggeration — a game changer for account executive-initiated prospecting. It takes a data-driven, analytical approach to organizing the time a seller spends prospecting each day to yield the highest number of qualified leads.

Raymond Ivory
Sr. Director, Revenue Growth, Blackbaud

2. It wins you more deals

You already know that time kills deals. But when it comes to pipeline management, keeping up momentum at each stage of the deal process is nearly impossible. You’re likely flying blind if you don’t have a good way to look into your sellers’ workflows. Without complete visibility, your win rate could end up all over the board, leaving many of your reps vulnerable to missing quota.

That’s why pipeline visibility in your sales workflow is so vital. 

Real-time visibility and AI combine to reveal up-to-the-minute changes in opportunities, while helping you identify any potential roadblocks.

That’s why we’re helping revenue teams transition from spreadsheet forecasting and manual performance tracking to digital-first, automated workflows with complete visibility at the management level.

This is also where real-time CRM sync comes in. Because many teams are dealing with manual updates to their CRMs, the data they get on deals is inconsistent and inaccurate. It makes it difficult for sales leaders and RevOps to forecast accurately and identify risks and pipeline gaps. Rhythm works with your CRM as a partner to create revenue workflows that your team can use to reduce manual labor and improve data accuracy so that they can capitalize on deals faster in the moment.  

We also introduced a Close Focus Zone. These are workflows — powered by AI — that focus rep attention on active deals so that they can prioritize the actions and deals that matter most. Salesloft organizes your sales workflow so you can personalize your customer relationships at scale. We’ll also help you uncover insights into buyer sentiment with a complete view into every deal so reps know what to prioritize. 

Timely alerts powered by AI along with platform insights flag at-risk deals, surface stakeholders to multi-thread, and indicate likelihood to close. And there’s built-in ability for leaders and managers to identify pipeline risks, deal gaps, or missing information that might hinder deal progression, and then coach sellers on the best next steps.

Companies using Salesloft increased in closed-won deals by 30%, resulting in $4.6M in incremental profits

Salesloft delivers one of the highest ROIs among our sales and marketing operations investments. From a sales standpoint, it’s the single biggest factor we can attribute to our trend of increasing conversion and close ratios across the team.

Aidas Dirse
Sales and Marketing Operations Specialist, Vena Solutions

*The Total Economic Impact™ Of Salesloft A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study 2022

3. It helps you maximize customer lifetime value

Many sales teams aren’t in a position to hire more sellers this year, making it difficult to balance engaging new prospects while building loyalty in current customers. This could feel overwhelming if you don’t have a set process to address churn risks and expansion opportunities at scale. Ensuring the success and satisfaction of your customers is critical to sustainable and predictable revenue growth. 

For that very reason, your sales workflows need to include nurturing and growing customer relationships. In order to succeed here, though, your team needs the right frameworks and insights to get ahead of risks and uncover cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

A revenue workflow platform for the full customer lifecycle makes sure your customers are never left behind. 

AI in Salesloft guides sellers on the most impactful actions to take based on customer buying signals and account data, with new opportunities regularly brought to their attention in the sales workflow. Real-time automation and integrations ensure time is spent on serving the customer, not manual work. Together, they create an advantage you can’t afford to go without. 

You’ll also get access to the most informative playbooks and best practices to help your team navigate problems like an internal team that is rarely on the same page; hours wasted each week from inconsistencies between different customer tracking systems; or missed monthly upsell and renewal targets. 

Visibility into customer interactions and deals is important. It lets you know when to engage and how to drive adoption and loyalty. So having a unified platform that spans across your workflows, like Salesloft does, helps with team alignment and consistent product messaging. With Salesloft, customer success teams can create renewal cadences and automate them to engage customers ahead of their contract end date. Integrated workflows help sales, marketing, account management, and customer success scale a coordinated, proactive engagement message. 

Dust off your virtual welcome mat, because loyal customers are coming your way.

Over the course of three years, companies using Salesloft grew their profits by $1.6 million from customer renewal rate improvements*

Growing contract value, but closing at the same rate. It’s one of the key drivers for me to continue to invest in the platform. We have real-time visibility into how everything is going each day. It’s been a game changer, helping us develop new growth strategies or experiment with approaches we might not have considered without the right tools in place.

Denis Malkov
RevOps Leader, PandaDoc

*The Total Economic Impact™ Of Salesloft A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study 2022

Put that sales workflow into action

Don’t sleep on the process. An integrated sales workflow brings the organization together to create more customer value. It drives the focus, momentum, and action needed to increase engagement, accelerate deals, and win.

And with Salesloft’s single, end-to-end revenue workflow platform, next steps, opportunity management, conversation intelligence, coaching, and forecasting are directly integrated into the seller’s workflow. It’s never been easier for revenue teams to take action and win more.  The proof is in the pudding on this. Salesloft customers experience a 30% increase in closed-won deals, resulting in 394% ROI in just a matter of three years.

Get real-time, data-driven insights into your pipeline and accelerate sales cycles all the way to closed won. With AI and data-driven insights across your sales workflow, your revenue team can count on winning faster than ever.

Reimagine your revenue workflow and unlock the fastest path to more revenue with Salesloft. You can check out a demo today, and change the way you sell forever.