Sales pipeline management software

As a business grows, building and managing pipelines can be a difficult task: the tools, methods, and even people. With Salesloft, your sales team can grow along with your pipeline goals.

Every organization has a slightly different sales cycle. Salesloft’s customizable sales pipeline management software makes it easier for your sales team to confidently build a solid pipeline. Workflow automation and built-in CRM functionality simplify the process, allowing you to manage leads, sales opportunities, and customer relationships at every stage of the sales process.

Graphic showing the cadence home dashboard on Salesloft

Customizable pipeline creation

We realize that every company’s unique sales process means they are building pipelines in different ways. That’s why we make it possible for sales leaders to create a pipeline that gets the most out of sales cycles.

See a customized pipeline dashboard for each sales rep with visibility into the data you need most from activity to time in each pipeline stage. Plus, get alert notifications that signal deal gaps and the likelihood to close.

Strategize for success with a curated dashboard that visualizes forecasts, custom fields, sales activities, and other key features that help you build the pipeline you need to exceed your quota every month.

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Sales pipeline diagnosis tools

Before leaders can streamline sales activities, they must first understand their pipeline.

Salesloft’s Modern Revenue Workspace™ delivers just that, unlocking a comprehensive look at the value and health of your team’s pipeline through a single pane of glass.

Locate pipeline issues and improve your sales funnel by monitoring sales outcomes. Digitize upkeep with automation tools and implement fixes based on accurate data.

Follow bottlenecks, winning patterns, and key sales metrics at all pipeline stages to better surpass revenue forecasts.

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Automated data entry

Get a clear picture when using our sales pipeline management software. Automated workflows ensure data is entered and up-to-date, eliminating blind spots and giving reps a significant advantage thanks to the elimination of manual data entry and repetitive tasks.

This leaves salespeople with more time to work on new deals and connect with customers. If that’s not enough, automation also cuts down on human error. We even accelerate reporting with sales analytics, so you can study outcomes without losing precious hours to a spreadsheet.

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Contact management & forecasting in CRM

With all buyer engagement data in one platform, you can see where lead generation is optimal and where contacts need extra attention during the sales process.

CRM integration makes contact and lead management simple. Sync contact records and sales activities between Salesloft and CRM platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Plus schedule follow-ups and keep record-keeping streamlined.

Graphic that shows the opportunity dashboard

Sales team management tools

One of the drawbacks of a busy pipeline is decreased visibility. Our pipeline management tools help managers identify deal gaps and pipeline problems before they impact the team’s quota.

Use coaching to improve your sales team’s performance and results. Monitor individual team members and use Salesloft Conversation Intelligence to learn from your top reps in real-time.

To strengthen future moves, use Salesloft Deals to proactively identify your best sellers, replicate successes, record results, and sync back to your CRM system.

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What our customers say about our sales pipeline software

Accurate sales forecasting is crucial to your sales plans. We could go into deeper detail about key features that enhance forecasting—but we figure our customers should do the talking instead.

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Salesloft is helping us keep up with opportunities [that] may otherwise fall through the proverbial cracks.

Dave F Headshot
Dave F
Manager, Outbound Enterprise SDR Team

Salesloft has been invaluable for our sales team, allowing our Sales reps to streamline activities, build cadences and track prospects throughout the sales process.

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Larry L
Director of Collegiate Sales

The Salesloft forecast module provides our leadership team with accurate real time data.

Steve H headshot
Steve H
VP of Sales at Wowza Media System

Generate more revenue, faster

  • Prospect 322% more pipeline (yes, really!)*
    Get more replies with multi-channel messaging, proven templates, and take action from anywhere with the industry’s only mobile app.
  • Drive more opportunities
    Onboard reps more quickly with structured workflows, use the comprehensive data to identify and replicate behaviors of top sellers, and automatically sync all activities to your CRM.
  • Advance and win more deals, 75% faster
    Focus on the most engaged prospects with AI-driven deal engagement scoring. Identify deal gaps and forecast effectively with all deal data in one platform.
  • Win 28% more deals with call recording and conversation intelligence
    Sales call tracking, transcription, analysis, and coaching in one platform and connected to all of your workflows.

*Real success metrics reported from Salesloft customers within the first year of implementation.