Integrations & Partnerships

Change the Way You Engage

Integrations and partnerships enhance the way Salesloft works for you.

Salesloft Integrations expand the capabilities of your sales engagement platform. Increase the power of the Salesloft platform by incorporating the insights and activities you use most.

Salesloft and Salesforce

United to Give You More Power

Expand the capabilities of your sales engagement platform. With intelligent integration, CRM Sync, and seamless workflows, Salesloft is the ultimate sales machine. Automatically record activities to Salesforce, create powerful automation rules, and access a comprehensive sync log – all with real-time updates on both platforms.

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Salesloft and LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Countless sales organizations rely on LinkedIn and the Sales Navigator platform for prospecting, insights, and social selling. Directly from Salesloft company and person dashboards, you can gain seamless access to LinkedIn intelligence. Improve visibility to insights, strengthen your account-based strategy, improve workflows, and illuminate common bonds by leveraging insights from LinkedIn’s network of 500+ million users.

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Our App Directory is full of powerful apps to help you stay focused and reach your goals. Gain additional insights and unlock the power of tools to enhance the buying experience. Search our integration partners and learn more about app functions.

Salesloft API

The Salesloft platform is dynamic. We know it can do far more than what we’ve prescribed, and we want you to explore endless possibilities. We’ve designed the Salesloft API to boost your organization’s sales and engagement efforts and extend the capabilities of our platform. Push, pull, and test your own integrations.

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With Salesloft Connect, you can utilize all of your favorite Salesloft’s features directly from Gmail or Outlook, gaining additional insights and saving time.

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