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Measure What Matters: Outcomes Dashboard + Cadence Outcomes


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Guesswork doesn’t scale. For revenue teams, winning a deal often comes down to knowing what works and what doesn’t.

It sounds simple in theory, but in practice, too many sales organizations rely on reporting tools that focus almost entirely on activity tracking.  

That doesn’t mean activity tracking doesn’t matter. It does. But when sales managers can’t easily discern which activities lead to what outcomes, that’s when their job gets really hard.

Enter Outcomes Dashboard. 


Outcomes Dashboard: The One-Stop-Shop for Assessing Impact

With Outcomes Dashboard, Salesloft users get a whole new level of visibility: seeing how sales activities connect with outcomes – and how many activities it takes to reach their goals.

How many touches does it take to create an opportunity? Is the team on pace for the quarter? How many accounts do we need to touch to schedule a meeting? Outcome Dashboard puts these and other data points all in one place.

By combining key metrics with customizable goal-setting capabilities for opportunity creation, meetings booked, and close-won revenue, Outcomes Dashboard arms sales managers with the information they need to track individual and team progress against quota.

From the dashboard, sales managers can:

Quickly see whether they’re projected to land above or below plan

Identify their top performers as well as the sellers who need coaching

Understand opportunities for focus and improvement

Deliver informed forecasts to sales leadership

This dashboard’s value isn’t limited to sales managers, either. Sellers can also gain performance-based insights from an easy-to-navigate and visual interface as they work to hit goals.

With Outcomes Dashboard, sales managers access everything they need to track performance, manage pipeline, and make adjustments that help sellers beat their number every time.

Cadence Outcomes: Find Out Which Cadences Convert

Creating Cadences without knowing which ones are actually effective? Yeah, that can certainly muddy the waters for sellers and their managers.

When you don’t know what works, it’s harder to make strategic decisions about which Cadences to use. That’s where Cadence Outcomes comes in.

Cadence Outcomes helps managers and sellers identify which Cadences drive the results that lead to revenue – from meetings booked to opportunities generated.

By surfacing these metrics, Salesloft users can better understand what’s performing well (and not so well) to improve and scale results over time.

  • For sales managers, it expands their focus from engagement metrics like open and reply rates to KPIs more closely aligned to business goals.
  • For sellers who run Cadences, it helps them prioritize based on the outcomes that help them hit quota.

That means no more clunky workarounds with other systems. It also means sellers and managers make smarter decisions around Cadences based on real results – not just engagement metrics.

With Cadence Outcomes, sales teams can replicate their best-performing Cadences and optimize underperforming ones to achieve better results. That’s the power of data-driven selling.

Now stick around and check out the official announcement below.


New Innovations from Salesloft Tie Seller Activities and Buyer Behaviors to Revenue Outcomes 

Salesloft is first to join buyer engagement data with opportunity data to power revenue team performance

Atlanta, GA -- June 15, 2021 -- Salesloft, provider of the most complete Sales Engagement platform that includes Cadence, Conversations, and Deals, today announced an industry-first innovation, Outcomes Dashboard. 

Outcomes Dashboard is contained in the workspace where sellers execute their day-to-day, so all of the activity, two-way engagement, and outcome data is automatically logged and tracked so managers can rely and act upon the data. This keeps managers and sellers aligned and able to take action based on insights. 

Salesloft is the only company that can tie customer touchpoints and activities to actual revenue outcomes like deals won, revenue per customer, and revenue per reps. The Outcomes Dashboard automatically logs and tracks sellers’ engagements within the platform, giving Salesloft users quick access to the most reliable information as well as confidence as they track progress toward their revenue goals. As a result, managers are better equipped to identify top performers, opportunities for improvement, and where to focus their time to coach toward desired outcomes. 

"Every sales team is trying to drive outcomes, not activities. Until now, outcomes have been hard to track," said Ellie Fields, Chief Product Officer for Salesloft. "We're doing the hard work of joining data about buyer engagement with opportunity data and putting that front and center in Salesloft. When teams know what's working, they can stop guessing and get better results."

"As a sales leader, having a single view of team performance, KPIs, and outcomes replaces what currently takes me 15 reports to pull together,” said Chasity Day, Director of Business Development at brightfin. “The time saved alone is invaluable, and the at-a-glance projection to know what it takes for the reps to hit certain goals is awesome."

Salesloft also announced Cadence Outcomes. Managers and sellers can now identify which Cadences drive the results that lead to revenue: meetings booked and opportunities created. With this information, managers and sellers can run and fine-tune the Cadences that drive the best results. 

"Now that we have outcome data, we can provide richer analytics," continued Fields. "The Outcomes Dashboard lets managers see how their teams are performing versus goals. We continue to invest in data insights for customers, through analytics like the Outcomes Dashboard, and through explainable AI, like the Deal Engagement Score, which is also now available."

"Cadence Outcomes is a great addition and way more insightful for sales leaders to understand what's working,” said Jennifer Hadlow, VP of Global Sales Operations at Yext. “This gives us a full end-to-end view."

These exciting innovations come on the heels of Salesloft’s launch of the industry-first Deal Engagement Score, which utilizes machine learning to offer frontline managers a powerful, quantitative, and unbiased way to prioritize deals based on the calculation of more than 30 data elements captured across Cadence and Deals. 

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