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Getting Started Right: Onboarding with SalesLoft


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Change is hard. It is even harder when it comes to changing processes and tools at scale without disrupting your organization’s revenue motion. Don’t worry. Salesloft Onboarding Professional Services and Implementation Consultants have you covered.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Salesloft was recently recognized as the best implementation experience for Sales Performance technologies on G2! Our service experts work hard to get you started right.

But enough about us, onboarding is about you – your needs, your strategy, your people.

Let’s take a look into what it might look like for you to get started with Salesloft.

1. Plan

First things first: you're going through a buying cycle where you have to dig deep to identify and articulate what you want to accomplish and/or overcome with your purchase of Salesloft.

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During this process you will define your key criteria, align internally on your goals, and build up expectations based on your conversations with Sales. 

We will help you select from a variety of onboarding packages that align with your budget and goals. Package options range from basic to fully customizable and are available to teams of all sizes – from smaller, agile ones looking for a self-service approach to enterprise teams with more complex processes who may prefer a more white-glove, facilitated onboarding experience.

All of the information captured throughout your buying cycle will be shared with an Implementation Consultant who will be your assigned point of contact throughout your onboarding experience.

Whether your team is new to Sales Engagement or you are transitioning from another solution, our Implementation Consultant will guide you through the process. 

For Premier packages and custom onboarding, you can expect your program to be tailored to your desired use cases and needs to varying degrees. This is the time to have that conversation and our Implementation Consultants are here for you.

2. Configure

After your implementation plan and timeline are agreed upon, it’s time to set up your team’s Salesloft workspace. 

Tasks in Dashboard

Your Implementation Consultant will guide you through your setup process with one-on-one support throughout your journey. Webinars, workshops, and training are all centered around getting teams set up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You are in the driver’s seat.

3. Deploy

Once your Salesloft workspace is configured, it’s time to get teams on board and enabled.

Your Implementation Consultant will provide you and your team with a schedule of training and Q&A sessions based on your package and workflows to get users up to speed fast. 

Salesloft is known for its ease of use, but with any new technology, it’s critical users are informed on the most efficient ways to work. Time is money after all. You don’t want your sellers left to “just figure it out.” They have much better things to do (like selling!).

As your team learns the system, workflows can be finetuned and users can customize specific dashboards and views based on their needs. 

Managers need to know what their teams are doing, day to day, empowering coaching and optimizing time spent in the system. 

Sellers can set up reminders, view their next steps, and review the health of their pipeline so they can hit their numbers right out of the gate.

4. Graduate

Once teams are up and running and using Salesloft, onboarding is complete. Right? 

Not quite.

Before you transition to the post-onboarding portion of your journey, your Implementation Consultant will evaluate your overall adoption against the expectations set during  the planning stage. 

The graduation scorecard ensures teams are set up for success, as measured against key criteria and system requirements. 

Every implementation is different. The graduation scorecard ensures the foundational requirements for success are met. These benchmarks are based on the aggregated learnings of previous Salesloft customers. 

Some examples include:

  • Are all current users set up with an account? 
  • Have Administrators been identified and certified?
  • Have requirements to enable activity and engagement tracking been met?
  • Do users have access to the appropriate parts of the system?
  • Have users accessed the system and configured settings?

Only organizations with a passing grade will move on to the post-onboarding experience. 

Accountability Is Key

Completing onboarding is not the end. At every stage of your customer journey, every Lofter you interact is dedicated to helping you drive your desired outcomes.

While it is your responsibility to drive adoption within your organization, it is our responsibility to ensure we have truly set you up for success. 

Accountability graphic.jpeg

We will help ensure tracking and reporting is prepared to measure against your key success criteria, that we have and are executing to plan, and that we are providing you with the tools and resources you and your team need to exceed your goals. 

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