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Get Back to Winning Buying Experiences with Access Controls & Account-Based Team Selling


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Salesloft helps sellers serve buyers, and makes sure you’re great at doing it.

So, to extend help to the needs of the enterprise, we’re introducing two new enterprise-grade features. 

Upgraded Access Controls enable enterprise-grade access management across the entire Salesloft platform. When sellers are reassured with security and data governance, they can get back to focusing on creating seamless buying experiences. 

But we can’t ignore the obvious; creating winning buying experiences takes a village. With an improved Account-Based Team Selling motion, we’re helping revenue teams improve collaboration, coordination, and efficiency to sell into and across the enterprise. 

Access Controls for Extended Security Across the Entire Platform

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, and 68% of business leaders feel that their cybersecurity risks are increasing. 

Limited data protection, the side effects of a global pandemic, and increased technological sophistication are to be blamed: making the role of access controls more important than ever

That’s why we’re adding new Access Controls across the entire platform. With Access Controls across Cadence, Deals, and now Conversations, security and compliance leaders are enabled to have the highest level of enterprise-grade data governance. Designed on the principle of least privilege, you can limit user access based on specific data needed to do their job. 

We’ve done this because we value security, compliance, and privacy. And we really want to keep your revenue data protected so sellers can continue focusing on creating winning buying experiences.

Let’s take meeting recordings, as an example. When assigning access, sales leaders can control what AEs, sales managers, and the RevOps team is able to see. You can give managers access to view all recordings, and you can choose to do the same for users with custom roles. It all depends on you, and the security measures you want to enact!

access conversations controls

With meeting recordings, sensitive opportunity data, and customer records available on a need-to-know basis, you can choose who sees what level of information. Only those designated as authorized personnel have access to the information needed to perform their role, keeping confidential information safe. Additionally, since access controls are configured by Salesloft admin and easily regulated, sales leaders can reinforce complacency measures.

Having full control of one platform also saves time. Less time spent managing security measures and worrying about data governance means you have more time to design the right team workflow to drive revenue.

Account-Based Team Selling for One Cohesive Selling Motion

Revenue teams of all sizes work together to close deals and cultivate long-lasting customer relationships. 

With multiple team members - SDRS, AEs, Sales Engineers, Success Managers, and Account Managers - working on any one account, it’s critical to orchestrate their actions to create one cohesive selling motion that delivers winning buying experiences. 

That’s why we’re saying hello to a shared record ownership model

This includes:

  • One single view of roles assigned to each account, so you don’t have to swivel-chair back to your CRM. 
  • An option to filter and save records that matter most to you, so you can curate a better workflow. 
  • Streamlined Cadence assignments via Automation Rules, so you’re not losing time to admin tasks and workarounds. 
team based selling graphic

Increased visibility, easy filtering, and efficient workflows - from pre-sale to post-sale and beyond - create one integrated team selling platform that keeps accounts from slipping through the cracks. 

And best of all, it’s super easy to use - and even easier to set up. Once admins create specific User Relationship fields, just work with your team to establish best practices. RevOps, who typically manage and enable the seam selling workflow, can also leverage the new ownership model to better coordinate and collaborate across the entire team. 

And most importantly, you can use it to deliver a seamless buying experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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