UK Modern Slavery Act – Transparency Statement


This Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement (“Statement”) is made on behalf of  Salesloft, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Salesloft”). We are publishing this Statement in  accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“Act”) as a demonstration of our  continuing commitment to anti-slavery practices and an affirmation of the values we hold  and adopt across our business. 

Salesloft is dedicated to ethical and responsible business operations to ensure that the  way we conduct our business reflects our values and our belief that everyone should be  treated with dignity and mutual respect in an environment that is free from harassment  and discrimination.  

Modern Slavery is a crime and a violation of and individuals fundamental human rights.  When we use the term within this Statement it is deemed to include: slavery, servitude,  forced and compulsory labour; and human trafficking.  

Salesloft has a zero tolerance policy to modern slavery and are committed to combating it, working with and encouraging suppliers to uphold the principles in this Statement.  

This Statement is given for the financial year ending 31st January 2024 and sets out the  steps taken during the financial year to prevent modern slavery in our business and supply  chains. 

Our Organizational Structure And Business

Salesloft helps thousands of the world’s most successful selling teams drive more  revenue. The Modern Revenue Workspace™ by Salesloft is the one place for sellers to  execute all of their digital selling tasks, communicate with buyers, understand what to do  next, and get the coaching and insights they need to win. Salesloft is committed to a set  of core values – put customers first, team over self, glass half full, focus on results, bias  towards action. 

Salesloft is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We operate and have subsidiaries  in Mexico, Poland and the United Kingdom. 

Our Workplace

We are committed to maintaining a fair and ethical workplace for all our staff, free of  bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence. 

We ensure compliance with all applicable employment legislation relating to employee  recruitment and terms and conditions, including obtaining right to work evidence and ensuring that no staff in our global offices are paid less than the applicable national  minimum or living wage. 

Our Policies

We have implemented policies as part of our commitment to ethical business practices  and the abolition of all forms of modern slavery. We require our employees to comply with  our Employee Code of Conduct which obliges our employees to conduct business in a  way that is fair, ethical and honest and in compliance with all applicable laws and  regulations.  

We review all relevant policies on a regular basis and updated our Code of Conduct during  the course of the year. 

Training/Duty To Report

It is important to us that our employees are aware of the issues surrounding modern  slavery and support our values. We work with employees to reinforce any steps that  should be taken and to remind them of the channels through which any concerns can be  reported. 

It is the responsibility of all those working for and/in Salesloft, or under its control, to  detect, report and prevent modern slavery from occurring within its business or supply  chains. If there are any concerns or suspicious that modern slavery may be present in  any part of the business or in supply chains, all are encouraged to report it at the earliest  possible stage. 

Salesloft provides a third party reporting hotline for employees to anonymously report any  of the following incidents: 

  • Fraud 
  • Compliance & Ethics 
  • HR (Employee relations, abuse, discrimination, harassment, work environment,  etc.) 
  • Other (anything you’re not comfortable reporting in person) 

Our Supply Chain

As a sales engagement software solution, Salesloft has a relatively simple supply chain  limited largely to software, office equipment and supplies. As such, we have assessed  the risk of modern slavery existing within our supply chain as low. Salesloft does,  however, remain vigilant and monitors the level of risk involved through any of our supply chains and will take appropriate measures if a higher risk of modern slavery is deemed to exist. 


We expect all our contractors, suppliers and other business partners to uphold the same  high standards of Salesloft, by ensuring all employees and workers are treated with  dignity and respect in a fair and ethical environment. We endeavor to review potential  areas of risk in relation to our business and where applicable, in respect of suppliers,  consider the nature of what is being supplied and the location from where it is being  supplied. We will continue to manage any risks identified. During the course of the year  we have included a statement on our purchase orders to remind vendors of their own  responsibilities as to complying with the Act. 

Looking Ahead

We will continue to monitor and develop our practices in respect of combatting modern  slavery. Salesloft checks and tests the success of our commitment and works to ensure  we meet our expectations. 

During the upcoming year, Salesloft will: 

Continue to manage its activities, and collaborate with key stakeholders – to  monitor and enhance its approach to tackling modern slavery; 

Take a risk-based approach and review internal policies, instructions, and  governance, to ensure alignment with good practice and ease of use. 

This Statement was approved by the Board of Directors on March 20, 2024 and approved  by the Chief Financial Officer. A signed copy of this Statement is available upon request.

Tim Redfern 

Chief Financial Officer