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The Salesloft Customer Support team delivers a customer-centric, high-quality service experience. Our group of expert problem solvers focuses on helping customers overcome any challenge they encounter.

Levels of Support

Support Guide

Should an issue arise, our goal is to help you quickly get to the root cause. We offer additional resources like articles, videos or gifs, and personalized instructions to help you solve problems even easier. We are here for you, our customer. Learn more about our support offering in our Salesloft Support Guide.

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Support Team

Some customers desire an even more robust level of support and priority-access to our Support team. This support option includes services like Chat, Call Back, and more. For pricing details and information, please contact your Account Executive.

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Still need help?

We’re here to support you. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Reach out and our support team will follow up with you.