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Elevate your LinkedIn game: 3 tips from Tom Boston, social sales expert

March 24, 2022
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What can sellers start doing today to up their LinkedIn game?

That’s the question put to Tom Boston, Social Sales Evangelist at Salesloft, in this Think Tank discussion.

With a strong, personal brand on the platform himself, Tom shares three actionable tips that sellers can use to build and boost their LinkedIn presence, including:

  • The parallels of a fantastic LinkedIn and dating website profile
  • Writing killer comments on posts that have gone viral
  • Building a strong and steady personal brand


Tom Boston

Social Sales Evangelist, Salesloft
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Tom Boston is the Social Sales Evangelist at Salesloft. A self-confessed dad-dancer – he brings his unique approach to content creation to the social media feeds every week. His passion for all things content, combined with his desire to make salespeople’s lives easier with sales engagement means that he has become a ‘must follow’ in the sales tech space.


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