The Role of the Modern Seller - Part 2


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For most of us in sales today, creating value for our buyers remains one of the job’s toughest challenges. Thanks to the digital sales experience, customers spend only 5% of their B2B buying journey with a sales rep. On top of that, 87% of buyers now prefer the self-serve buying model.

So how, then, can sellers build relationships, establish trust, and create value for their buyers in a digital world? What’s our role?

In part two of this webinar series, Becc Holland, CEO & Founder of Flip the Script, and Brooke Freedman, Senior Director of Mid-Market Sales at Drift, join Morgan Rochofski, Head of Partner Programs at Salesloft, continue our dialogue on how sellers can create value for their buyers - even in a digital world - and earn trust and credibility throughout the sales cycle.