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The Role of the Modern Seller – Part 1

January 20, 2022
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There’s no two ways about it: digital interactions power the sales cycle. And yet, despite digital’s abundance of advantages, it’s not without its flaws. To start with, many sellers find less opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with their buyers. To further complicate matters, buyers are self-educating via digital platforms, forming their own values of your products and services before you’ve had a single opportunity to connect with them.
What then is the role of sellers in this modern buying process? Do we exist simply to share information and coordinate buying activities? There’s got to be more to it than that.

In part one of this two-part webinar series, Becc Holland, CEO & Founder of Flip the Script, and Tyler Lessard, Vice President of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard, join Salesloft’s Morgan Rochofski to discuss how sellers can defeat the digital divide, create value for their buyers, and earn trust and credibility throughout the sales cycle.


Becc Holland

CEO & Founder, Flip the Script
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Practitioner to the core and “victim of the sales craft” in general, Becc is the CEO & founder of Flip the Script – A sales media & consulting company that’s on the perennial search for what comprises quality, authentic & compelling modern-day sales messaging. Opinionated girl from Texas who lives in San Francisco, loves data, buys too many shoes & just wants to make the “Sales World” a better place to be in.

Tyler Lessard

VP of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist, Vidyard
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Tyler is a truly engaging, dynamic and entertaining thought leader in the areas of B2B marketing, content marketing, video marketing and video selling. As Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard, he’s spent more nearly 10 years immersed in the world of B2B video, helping to define and share the latest best practices and industry trends for creating remarkable customer experiences with video across all aspects of marketing and sales.

Author of The Visual Sale, Tyler is a frequent speaker on a diverse range of topics including video marketing, video production, video selling, personalization, account-based marketing, modern demand generation practices and how to blend art and science to create stand-out experiences at scale.

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