Engage your entire buying group with Auto Buying Group Capture


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We all know that most sales take a whole team on the buyer side. But sellers often forget to add key stakeholders to the deal — leaving sales managers, leaders, and RevOps in the dark about who’s part of the buying group.

Salesloft solves this problem by automatically creating Person records for all identified recipients on an email or sales meeting activity, and associating them with the right deal. This gives teams a holistic understanding of their buying committee and the activities that actually drive deal outcomes. 

In this exciting virtual session, you’ll get an introduction to this crucial feature and learn how to:  

  • Continually add value to every conversation across the buying journey 
  • Extract sales insights from your entire buying group, so you can effectively evaluate deal success and plan for the future
  • Plus, be the first to take a look at new, exciting Salesloft releases! 


  • Bryan Hill, Manager, Product Management