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6 Ways To Crush Your Target Every Month

February 23, 2022
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Prospecting can be difficult. Prospecting in EMEA, is a completely different ball game (we know first hand).

We’re bringing together top EMEA sellers to help shed some light on how they’re standing out in prospects’ inboxes. You’ll learn key takeaways like:

  • How to craft email messages at every stage of the sales cycle
  • How to leverage the power of video selling to stand out from the crowd
  • How direct gifting can unlock meetings and deals
  • And so much more!

We’re unpacking all the tips and tricks that can help you double your prospecting success. Don’t miss out on this action packed session!


Tom Boston

Social Sales Evangelist, Salesloft
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Tom Boston is the Social Sales Evangelist at Salesloft. A self confessed dad-dancer – he brings his unique approach to content creation to the social media feeds every week. His passion for all things content, combined with his desire to make salespeople’s lives easier with sales engagement means that he has become a ‘must follow’ in the sales tech space.

Ben Smith

BDR Manager, Reachdesk
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From ice skater to sales professional, Ben is now helping deliver moments that matter in the sales process and improving the way companies do business. He is passionate about business development and developing BDRs to exceed expectations from the very first point of contact.

Jack Neicho

Account Executive, Salesloft
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Jack joined Salesloft 3 years ago as the first SDR in the London team, he has then gone on to become one of the most successful AE’s at Salesloft. During that time he has helped launch communities for SDRs and AEs to help his peers collaborate more effectively. Jack has sent over 1.5K personalised vidyards as an SDR and AE and is 1 hour off 2 days total watch time for his videos.

Ginny Coates

Account Executive, Vidyard
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With a passion for making the sales process more personalised, Ginny has been an advocate of video through the whole of her sales career and puts her success down to being able to connect authentically through the use of video.

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