The Sales Brush-Off is A Rep’s Least Favorite Objection


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Hey guys, Pete Whittingslow. I’m an SDR here at Salesloft. Today I’m going to be sharing some tips with you on how to avoid the common brush-off you get from your prospects, whether it be through phone calls or emails.

So, tip number one. Know their priorities entering the call. If you’re reaching out to a VP of Sales in the SaaS industry or a Director of Sales in the healthcare industry, they’re not always going to have the same priorities. So when you get into that conversation, list what their priorities are right away and see if they can relate to those, or if they have any on top of it. That way you can dive into a meaningful conversation right away, and they’re less likely to push you off.

Alright guys, sales tip number two. If you’re going to give a commitment, get a commitment. We’ve all had those conversations where at the end they say, “Oh, well I want a, I need an email.” Something like that. Let them know, I’d be happy to send you an email, but let’s go ahead and put 15 minutes on the calendar to go over what I send you so we can continue moving forward. That way, you’re giving them a commitment, but you’re getting one in return.

Have a preemptive strike planned for their objections. We’ve all gotten to the end of conversations before where they said, “Oh, well I don’t have the budget.” Or “I don’t have the timing.” Have a plan in place for the beginning of that call, whether it be, “Hey, I know we’ve never spoken before.” Or, “Hey, I know budget can always be an issue.”

But if you address it on the front end of the phone call, they’re less likely to use that as a crutch later on in the conversation, thus making it more likely for you to continue moving forward with that prospect. So let’s recap today’s tips on how to avoid the brush-off.

The first: know their priorities entering the call. The second: if you’re going to give a commitment, get a commitment in return. And the third: have a preemptive strike planned for their objections for the beginning of the call. That’s today’s tips. Thanks for checking in, guys. We’ve found them very helpful here at Salesloft. We’d love to get your feedback and see if they’ve worked for you. Thanks!

The sales brush-off is a common problem every Sales Development Rep faces on the daily. SDRs need to become dialing machines in order to hit their monthly quota, but when they’re constantly hit by objections, delays, or other sales brush-off comments, hitting that number becomes harder and harder.

We want to ensure that you, the SDR, don’t lose confidence after being brushed off by a prospect. Because of this ever-changing sales environment, it’s crucial to stay on top of opportunities and make it to the next step. And with the modern sales development technology available, increasing your number of positive conversations, without sacrificing quality, is now possible.

Today on SDR TV, we have Salesloft Outbound SDR Pete Whittingslow here to talk you through his three sales brush-off strategies that will help you become a confident and prepared Outbound Sales Development Rep. Check out the video to learn more.