Why You Can’t Forget About Post-Sale Communication


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Hey, this is Jason with Salesloft. I head up the implementation success team, and today I’m going to talk to you about staying in touch with customers post sale. Everyone knows that the sales process is a constant back and forth between the sales and the customer. But once that customer has been landed and that deal has been signed, how do you stay in touch and ensure that that communication doesn’t fall off and you are positioning that customer to be as successful as possible?

You probably have a series of touches that you have in mind already for new customers. Probably an onboarding process or a well-defined, structured series of meetings, conversations to make sure that customer is getting up and running as effectively as possible. And that’s the most important part of the new customer experience, to make sure that nothing gets missed.

So you have those scheduled conversations. And at Salesloft, of course, we build out our pre-configured cadences. So we’ll build a series of touches, e-mail, phone call, social touches, to make sure that we’re
moving forward every day and that customer’s getting closer and closer to their goal.

So what I like to do is to build a cadence that will remind me maybe every day, maybe a couple of times a week, to reach out to the customer and see how things are going. And it might not be a very long conversation. Give ’em an email, give ’em a call, and hopefully, just make contact so that I stay fresh on that person’s mind and they know that I’m standing by to help out should they need anything.

In some cases, you might not even need to do all of those steps. Maybe the customer reaches out to you, and so when that cadence step comes due and you think, “Well, I just “talked to this person yesterday,” some of those you can skip over, but you’ve got that fail-safe that’s always going to remind you at least every few days not to forget to check in with that customer and just keep that communication active and live as frequently as possible.

And one more tip is to know as much as you can about your customers.Obviously, the sales process has included a lot of information to know what’s important to that customer. You’ve learned about their, uh, primary objectives and what they’re really trying to achieve as a company. Get to know that person personally. If they are a big sports fan, who’s their favorite sports team? Maybe they’re going through
a class to get certified and you know what they’re currently working on outside of just their day-to-day operations. Set a reminder if you know when their birthday is. LinkedIn has so many birthdays on there. It’s a great excuse just reach out to somebody for a quick note.

So those are my tips for today. Be sure to check out our blog. We’re producing content every week for you. Some great information on there, and I hope you’ve found this helpful.

As always, happy lofting.

The customer journey doesn’t stop once the deal is signed, and neither does good sales and service. There’s still a ton of work to be done to make sure that your new customers become successful and happy fans for life. Whether you’re the implementation manager assigned to a new account or the sales rep that closed the deal, you shouldn’t be ignoring post-sale communication.

Why is post-sale communication so important? The time right after a customer signs with your company is a crucial part of their customer journey. They’re just getting to know your organization and the potential for a great first impression or serious buyer’s remorse are both very high. If anything falls through the cracks or goes unaddressed, it could mean trouble right from the start. That’s the most important part of the new customer experience, to make sure that nothing gets missed. Fortunately, a simple cadence of post-sale messaging is easy to set up and could make a world of difference to your customers.

That’s why we welcome Jason Pierce, head of the Salesloft implementation success team, to share some of his tips for post-sale messaging that makes a big difference. It’s easier than you think. Tune in to today’s episode of Modern Sales Stories and learn how you can start brightening your customers’ day and improving their experience.

Personalized messages are just one way to further customize your cadences for targeted accounts. For more advice on how to reach the right accounts for your organization, download your free copy of “The Essential Guide to Account-Based Sales Development,” and start landing larger clients, earning more revenue, and enjoying more sales success.